:page updated 12th december 1999:

New album! -- A new CD of Brian's recent sound installation at London's Roundhouse is now available direct from Opal, title "I Dormienti". You can read more about it on EnoWeb's dedicated page located at our annexe.

Got that Helsinki feeling -- Another season, another installation, this time at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland. Running from 11th December 1999 to 6th February 2000, Kite Stories includes a generative music installation and a collection of objects chosen for their spatial presence -- stones, sand and light sculptures.

Brian said: "I think of shows like this as 'music in more dimensions' or perhaps 'music for more senses'. The music in this installation was made in my studios in London, by a process more similar to painting or collage than conventional music composition. One element in it is nearly 20 years old; most of it was made last week. The music is divided into 8 independent layers, one of which is playing on each CD player. Since these players are not synchronized, the music constantly recombines into different patterns. The text is taken from the Japanese story Onmyo - Ji by Reiko Otano, read by Kyoko Inatome. I time-stretched her readings using Sound-Designer software, and then re-pitched the stretched voice using Digitech Studio Vocalist."

"The Stars are faraway suns
In The Temple of Heaven
Another name for it is
The Temple of Little Lights"

EnoWeb urges you to visit Kiasma's excellent web-site. Click on the reference to "Museum of Contemporary Art In English", then on the next page click on "Brian Eno - Kite Stories". Not only does this take you to a nice photograph of Brian craning his neck amongst his art, and CD players, but it also allows you to read the full text of the notes he wrote for the event and the Museum's press release. Perhaps of greatest interest is the fact that the museum is making an excerpt of the "Kite Stories" music available in streaming Shockwave format. Whilst this requires a lengthy download of the (free) Shockwave 7 player and associated bits plus a computer restart, the end result is well worth it, with the track running at over 13 minutes. Please see the site for details of opening hours and days over the holiday period.

Brian has made a CD of Kite Stories but for the moment this is only available from the Museum's bookshop. Amazing -- you wait all year for an Eno CD to turn up, and then two of them come along at the same time...

Wim and vigour -- Brian has been working with Jon Hassell on the soundtrack for a new film by Wim Wenders and Bono. Thanks to Mick Binns for this information.

Chart topper -- According to Peter Marsh, Brian's GLR radio appearance included a broadcast of a new work-in-progress song by Brian called "Bottom Liners".

London calling -- Peter Marsh tells us: "Our hero will be playing 'radio ping pong' with Charlie Gillett on (94.9fm, London area) on Saturday 27th November from 7-9 pm. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Charlie and his guest take turns to choose and play records. The ping pong element is that each record must have a link, however tenuous or oblique, to the preceding one. The accent of the show is usually towards 'world music' so I guess we can expect a drop of kuti bass with our tuvan throatsingers..."

Hit Sarajevo -- George Michael has chosen to cover the Passengers song "Miss Sarajevo" for his next single. Full information here. Thanks to Richard Joly for this information.

Organ donor -- Monster Of Rock Brian Eno has decided to sell his famous EMS Synthi-AKS 'suitcase synth'! Yup, this is your opportunity to own a genuine example of popular music history. The synth will be up for auction on the Internet at VEMIA (Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auctions), a dedicated web-site for electronic equipment sales. Bidding takes place from 1-15 November.

Brian told VEMIA: "I bought this in the early Seventies, and used it for many years. It is the one I used exclusively to make the record Discreet Music (1975), and on a lot of other records around that time - including my own, and others such as The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Genesis), Low, 'Heroes' and Lodger (David Bowie) and on some of the Talking Heads' records. It's in good working order, though I can't find the 8-pin lead that connects the keyboard to the synth (-- I never used it anyway)." [VEMIA will provide a new replacement lead from EMS].

VEMIA explained to EnoWeb: "Ordinary examples of this wonderful synth have been fetching 1750 to 1800 pounds at auction ($2850 - 2950). The reserve price for Eno's, at around 2000 pounds (roughly $3250), is therefore extremely reasonable. This instrument must be up there with the Beatles' Mellotron, Ray Charles' or Bill Payne's Wurlitzer, Pink Floyd's Compact Duo organ, Ray Manzarek's Vox Continental, Herbie Hancock's Rhodes and (if anyone could find it) Joe Meek's Clavioline in historical importance. Strangely enough.... in the same auction, Eno is also selling a Farfisa Compact Duo given to him by Bill Kelsey, the Pink Floyd sound engineer from the early days, and said by Bill to be the original Rick Wright instrument. Sadly, Bill died a few months ago, so there can be no written confirmation from him, but Eno will sign a letter of provenance."

You talkin' to me? -- On Wednesday 13th October Brian took part in an hour's question-and-answer session with students at Stanford University. He arrived late, having made the decision to walk from Nevada or something (okay, it was just an under-estimate of the size of the campus, but he had been in Nevada prior to his visit, see sir, I was paying attention, honest). The University has made a webcast version of the event available for others to view; there is a link at http://www.stanford.edu/class/ee380/. Some people have reported problems with the server connection being dropped part-way through -- it appears to expect a faster modem than many of us can afford. The video is in .asx format, which requires Microsoft Windows Media Player 6 (a free download from microsoft.com -- a beta version is apparently available for Mac owners). Thanks to Gustavo on the newgroup for the link information.

It's a snap -- Corbis.com is selling digital pictures of Brian at just $3 a go. Just type in Brian Eno in their search box and Bob's your proverbial (third) uncle. Alternatively, type in Eno to get some pictures of the Eno River and an advertisement for Eno's Fruit Salts as well. The $3 fee allows you to print your pictures and put them on your web-site, but restrictions apply for other uses; see the site for full details.

Ticket not to ride -- Ticketmaster.com lists an event with Brian Eno at the Texas Club in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on 5th November. However, this event has nothing to do with the Brian Eno who is the subject of this web-site, and he won't be there, not even in the audience. So don't be disappointed.

Signed, sealed & delivered -- All CDs purchased from manzanera.com will now be signed by Phil himself -- and there are new price cuts of £1 across the range!

Pearls before Swine -- Album news: Pearl+Umbra by Russell Mills/Undark (using a sample by Brian) and Millionaires by James (produced by Brian; there's a pig on the cover) are now available.

Unlucky for some -- The Echoes radio show celebrated its 10th Anniversary in October. As part of that celebration, it polled its listeners for their 25 FAVORITE ARTISTS FOR TEN YEARS OF ECHOES, yes, all in UPPER CASE like that. Brian Eno was sort of middling, ranked 13th. Dead Can Dance/Lisa Gerrard gained poll pole position.

Roundhouse round your house? -- A CD of the music composed by Brian for the Roundhouse Paladino/Eno installation is currently in the works. More information when we get it.

From Russia with Love -- In the most recent Nerve Net Digest, Stephen Fruitman points out that the Fax Label is releasing Smart, a collaboration between New Russian Composers and Brian Eno. See Fax's web-site for details of where you can purchase their CDs in your country. If you're not currently subscribed to Nerve Net, click on the link near the base of this page. With an estimated circulation of several, Nerve Net's global reach ensures that it can bring you the worldwide Eno-related news and views that you crave.

The Phil Monty -- Not content with re-releasing three albums with Eno contributions (Diamond Head, an extended 801 Live and Quiet Sun's Mainstream, all available for on-line purchase at the site), manzanera.com is now putting together The Roxy Music Internet Archive, a massive undertaking which will feature rare photos, features on the band members and unreleased live tracks in RealAudio.

Music in a skeleton key? -- Bryan Ferry is interviewed in the October 1999 issue of MOJO (number 71). He says: "...Brian's played on a lot of the stuff that I have in the cupboard. We wrote a song together -- ... I visited him in St. Petersburg a couple of times when he was out there -- which I hope makes the next album. My album. We keep threatening that we'll do a [Roxy] album again, but the years seem to go whizzing by." Thanks to Richard Joly for this information. In the cupboard, eh? Sounds a bit gothic.

Snip -- There's a one-page interview with Brian in the October 1999 issue of Uncut magazine (number 29), discussing David Bowie and their collaborations.

22/11 -- The 22nd Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival is taking place in November, and this year the theme is contemporary music with added Eno. At least, it is on the days EnoWeb is listing. For the full story, visit the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival site in West Yorkshire. For more information, call +44 (0)1484 430528 (calls taken Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm British time). Thanks to Bill Vince for this information.

Around the houses -- The Roundhouse in London is currently hosting an installation combining the work of Brian Eno and Italian artist Mimmo Paladino. The original publicity material explained: "In the centre of a labyrinth of tunnels, Paladino will create an installation of primordial life forms that will be accompanied by Eno's unique sound and light production." This is a bit of a fib, as Brian contributes music but the only lighting comes from dim emergency lights which impart a pallor to Paladino's sculptures and drawings. Emanating from well-concealed speakers, Brian's music includes elements from Thursday Afternoon, a three-note Neroli-esque sequence, and electronic noise. Brian's recent Bonn and Amsterdam installations included stories spoken very slowly, one or two words at a time, and here the idea is developed -- or broken down -- into reverberating isolated syllables. Well worth witnessing.

The installation is held in the undercroft of the Roundhouse, which is located at Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London, NW1, nearest Tube station Chalk Farm on the Northern Line. Opening hours are Tuesdays-Sundays 12-8 (apart from Thursday 16th September when it closes at 5) and the installation runs from 9th September to 6th October 1999. Admission charge is 3 pounds or 2 pounds for concessions. If you like what you see at the Roundhouse, Mimmo Paladino has a second exhibition at the South London Gallery; see southlondonart.com for more information on both shows. EnoWeb has a scan of the exhibition card here.

September Song -- manzanera.com reckons that the extended 801 Live and other CDs will be available for on-line purchase from 20th September. The site also has archive photographs from the days when Brian still had (short) hair. Bill MacCormick points out that Brian also contributed to the re-released Quiet Sun album, and of course Diamond Head has those two songs sung by Brian, so it could be an expensive month...

Remaster, remodel -- Roxy Music's albums have been reissued in digitally remastered format. "Limited to just 2,000 copies worldwide, [each] album has been remastered by Bob Ludwig using the latest HDCD technology & comes in a miniaturized LP sleeve that fully duplicates the original release" according to the publicity material. Certainly the one example the EnoWeb has heard so far, For Your Pleasure, sounds pretty good. (Thanks to Richard Joly for this information).

Booth Toll -- The fruits of Brian's latest work with James are starting to emerge, with the release of the band's new single "I know what I'm here for". The single comes in two flavours: a black one (CD1) and a blue one (CD2), both with a one-armed bandit on the front. As well as the title track produced by Brian taken from the forthcoming album Millionaires, each CD has two "exclusive" tracks produced by Brian. CD1 has "All Good Boys" and "Imagine Ourselves" (the latter also mixed by Brian), while CD2 has "Downstairs" and "Stolen Horse". The CDs are on the Mercury label in the UK. CD1 is jimcd 22 562 227-2 and CD2 is jimcd 22 562 228-2.

We have come to an arrrangement -- The string sextet Instrumental has released its debut album Acoustek, which includes an arrangement of Brian's piece "Sparrowfall" from Music For Films. It's on the Big Chill label, Factor 1, and more information can be found at http://www.inanna.org/instrumental/. See Instrumental's tour dates page for ordering details.

Senior Prom -- The Bang On A Can ensemble are to play 1/1 from Music for Airports at this year's Proms. The concert is on Tuesday 31st August, starting at 10pm, and is one of six to be broadcast live on BBC2 television in the UK as well as on BBC Radio 3.

Blast off! -- The Voyager CD-ROM version of Al Reinert's film For All Mankind, which includes music from Apollo and Music For Films III, is being given away free with the August issue of PC Format magazine.

Radio Days -- Brian contributed to BBC Radio 3's Night Waves programme on Tuesday 13th July at 11pm, in which "Richard Coles examines man's fascination with the moon". Brian also contributed to The Roxy Music Story broadcast on Saturday 10th July, Radio 2.

EnoWorld -- the makers of the recent The New World According To Brian documentary have a diary of their experiences with Brian plus pictures here: http://www.vpro.nl/dnw. It's the ideal opportunity for many of us to brush up our Dutch. (Thanks to Caroline von B for this information). Mike DeVito tells us that VHS copies of the interview (which is in English with Dutch subtitles) are available from VPRO Publieksservice, tel: +31.35.6712272. The EnoWeb imagines that these would be PAL format but the VPRO people would presumably be able to tell you for sure.

My Old Dutch -- the Your Blue Room U2 site has a translation of the U2 related bits from a recent interview Brian gave to the Dutch Oor magazine here.

Not even an outside chance -- It's not looking good for any future releases in the Outside hypercycle. David Bowie recently told the New Zealand Herald: "I can't even get started doing the next stuff on it. All together we have 25, maybe 26, hours of recorded music from that period. I keep moving on too fast. Nobody would take Outside when we first recorded it. It was held back for a year until we could find somebody to distribute it in America and by that time my enthusiasm was pretty thin on the ground. You can read the whole interview at http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nzherald99/story.cfm?theStoryID=9263 (Thanks to Richard Joly for this story).

Waiting for my man(zanera) -- manzanera.com reports that the deals have been done and the CD releases of 801 Live (with 2 previously unreleased live versions of Eno songs), Diamond Head, and many many more, will soon be available for purchase on-line.

New music -- The first of the Supplement broadcasts included four previously unreleased Eno pieces: Tit for Tat, Fugue Sofia (extract), Contra (extract) and Swoop (extract). Bang On A Can also played two encores for their Music For Airports concert: Burning Airlines Give You So Much More and Everything Merges With The Night. Tit for Tat was rebroadcast at the beginning of the 21st June programme, which was broadcast live on the Net and also included the Metropole Orkest's premiere of The Shutov Assembly. Supplement's pages include an archived version of the programme's interview with Eno, though not the music, in RealAudio and MP3 formats. More information and links here.

Still Roxy'n'roll to me -- Richard Joly reports that inrockuptibles reports that some English publications report that Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry have been meeting up on a number of occasions.

Foundation cream -- "Rock Musician" Brian Eno was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Friday 11th June concerning the aims of the Long Now Foundation and its "Clock of the Long Now", which will tick once a year and chime once a century. Brian explained that the Clock's role is to "...remind us of the possibility that humans might have another ten thousand years on this planet, we might actually be around for that long -- we've been around as so-called civilised people for about ten thousand years, that's how long human settlements have been here." The Foundation is currently negotiating to purchase land to house the Clock "in the Western states of America; I can't be more specific because we're still buying it."

Stede now -- Caroline von B writes: "Yesterday morning I went down to the Stedelijk Museum to catch the opening of [Eno's] installation. I was 30 mins too late to catch the official opening and Eno's speech, I was in the second or third group of 50 people who were let into the room. You had to walk through a short dark corridor and then find your way in the dark - then you found a number of lit objects - two stone like objects on either side, a vase like thing protruding from a rectangle, a large square board on which slides were projected - apparently drawings by Eno, from the looks of them inspired by african designs. The music was computer generated - and a slow, low voice (Eno's?) spoke deep and meaningful things: 'Now - that - the - child - inside - you - like - the - young - tree - inside - you - lives - on - inside - the - old - tree'. It was strange but pleasant."

Sonora gun -- Sonora Portraits 1: Brian Eno is now available. The CD (MASO CD 90110) includes 12 previously released tracks and an excerpt from an interview. The booklet contains 3 essays and an extended version of the interview plus a "Chronology" which acts as a primer for those who don't know who he is, and Internet links (EnoWeb comes third, behind Materiali Sonori and... uh... one of our previous incarnations at spies.com). The booklet includes both Italian and English versions of the essays. Here's the track listing: 01. distant hill 02:54 02. asian river 04:21 03. radiothesia III 02:32 04. swanky 02:49 05. theme from "creation" 03:06 06. white mustang 03:03 07. left where it fell 07:04 08. spinning away 05:29 09. strawinsky 04:16 10. saint tom 03:40 11. theme from "opera" 02:34 12. neroli (edit) 05:16 13. brian eno speaks 06:26

Three times a Lady -- The death has been announced of "Lady" June, to whose Linguistic Leprosy album Brian contributed long ago. According to an obituary in The Independent, she suffered a heart attack.

NETherlands -- The two "Brian Eno" themed Supplement programmes (June 14th & 21st) are to be broadcast on the Net as well as Dutch radio. However, they are not expected to be archived, so you'll need to tune in at 20:00 hours Dutch time on each day. More information and loads of pictures can be accessed at http://www.omroep.nl/nps/radio/supplement/99/0614/welcome.html, the RealAudio page is http://www.omroep.nl/nps/radio/supplement/framesets/frameset_stemaf.htm and Supplement's page is http://www.nps.nl/supplement. Thanks to Marc Wielaert on the newsgroup for this information.

Belgium, man, Belgium -- Chris Meert tells us that Bang On A Can performed Music for Airports in Belgium at the Bourla, Komedieplaats 18, Antwerp on Monday June 7th, at 8pm. Tel: +3232248844.

Stroll on -- Continuing their bid to conquer the world, Bang On A Can will be playing Music for Airports at the Proms in London this summer. No date yet.

Supplementary information -- Chris Meert has provided us with the following updated information about the 'Brian Eno in Supplement' broadcasts on Radio 4 in the Netherlands:
June 14th: Music for Airports by Bang on a Can All Stars is to be the main subject. Also an interview with Brian by Michael Fahres and Co de Kloet.
June 21st: The Metropole Orkest project will get most attention (among other things the Shutov Assembly performance).

Tulips are better than one -- Dates have been published for the various Eno-related events for the Holland Festival, where -- as the EnoWeb has previously vouchsafed to thee -- Brian is The Main Man. Please check with the Holland Festival before booking.

(Thanks to Chris Meert for this information).

Portrait of the Artist -- Barron tells us that ab-cd.com is listing a Materiali Sonori Brian-Eno related book & compilation CD, Sonora Portraits, with a release date of 10th May. Edited by Claudio Chianura and Giampiero Bigazzi, the book features essays and interviews by Arturo Stalteri, Claudio Chianura, Fabio Martini and Adelio Fusé, chronology and photographs, and the CD includes pieces from Music For Films III, Spinner, The Drop and pieces described loosely as "some rarities". Barron also adds that Russell Mills' follow-up to Undark, titled Pearl and Umbra, is due to be released on 28th June according to Bella Union's site; this includes some sort of contribution from Brian, maybe samples.

Auction for War Child -- Rollingstone.com recently ran a blind auction to help raise funds for Kosovo refugees, in association with War Child USA and MFPR. The objects under the hammer were 10 compilation CDs which Brian put together for a War Child fundraising event. Brian's music is not featured on the CDs, but each box features his unique, spray-painted cover art. Music is by Tricky, Portishead, Cornershop, Massive Attack v. the Mad Professor, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Bomb the Bass, Laika, Lisa Germano, Little Axe, Acacia, 'O' Rang, Roger Eno, Tindersticks, Hector Zazou with the Voice Varttina, the SunKings and Scott Walker. The boxes also contained art by Damien Hirst (a swirly painting, the EnoWeb believes, not half a cow) or alternatively a watercolour by Patrick Hughes, plus some wallpaper designed by David Bowie when he was going through his Thin White Paste phase, a photograph by Anton Corbijn and instructions for enjoying the box written by Brian. Bidding started at $100 and stopped on May 17th. In case you're wondering, the money is going towards War Child "Kid Packs," small backpacks containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, adhesive bandages, a small toy and basic art supplies like crayons. They aimed to raise enough money to fund at least one truckload of the "Kid Packs", and that cost roughly $5,500. More information & bidding can be found here.

Sainted Aunt -- All Saints Records is setting up a web-site. It's still very much under construction, so the Sainted (albums) Aren't there yet, but take a look. Future plans apparently include offering unreleased tracks from Roger Eno, Harold Budd, Kate St John, Laraaji and others for visitors to download. The site requires Shockwave Flash.

What a Picture -- In a moment of idleness, the EnoWeb has updated its gallery with the pictures we've been sent over the last few months. Click on the gallery button on the left if you can be bothered.

The Mask behind the man -- Brian was one of the artists contributing masks to Dress for Success' Grand Swinging Masquerade Ball & Auction in March. Dress for Success is a non-profit organization that provides interview suits to low-income women seeking employment. Brian's mask can be seen on this page. The rest of the site is also worth a look. (Thanks to Richard Joly for this information).

Tulips from Ambient man -- Brian Eno is to be the principal guest at this year's Holland Festival, which runs from 5th-26th June in Amsterdam. The Festival will feature the world premiere of the orchestral arrangement of The Shutov Assembly, played by the Netherlands Metropole Orchestra. Bang On A Can will be doing their Thang, playing Music For Airports at Schiphol Airport. And Brian will have a music & video installation at Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum. Dates for these events will be posted on the Holland Festival web-site on 5th May. (Thanks to Chris Meert for this information).

Talking to Andy Gill for MOJO magazine last year, Brian explained that The Shutov Assembly tracks "...were originally proposals for orchestral pieces; what I wanted to do was make them, using my normal tricks and devices, and then present them to an orchestra and ask them to try and copy them accurately - so if this sound goes "dnnngeeeee", you might need to have a damped tubular bell and a violin player working together to make that one sound. I thought it would be an interesting way to use an orchestra, to force it to use its instruments in a different way."

Dear Diary -- The French version of Brian's diary is apparently orderable on-line from www.bol.fr. Quickest way to search for it is probably the ISBN number, 284261092X.

Welt empered clavier -- Brian was interviewed by Germany's Die Welt newspaper on 19th March. He said: [apologies for the loose translation] "At the moment I'm working on another record, working with U2 and James, writing a book, travelling around, cooking, looking after my children. But at the moment I've banished all that stuff from my mind until I need it again. I take things as they come each day. It's what I've always done -- hardly the worst strategy." [Blimey, that was a loose translation.] The interview is here and the EnoWeb recommends you use the AltaVista Babelfish service to get a nice stream-of-consciousness translation.

You will, Oscar, you will -- Jim Williamson tells us: "In the midst of last night's ritual display of excess and self-congratulatory bad taste [the Academy Awards, 21st March], while Whoopi Goldberg was modeling a rather Ziggy-ish costume designed by Sandy Powell for the film Velvet Goldmine, the music being played by the Bill Conti-conducted pit orchestra was a totally irony-free instrumental rendition of Brian Eno's Needle in the Camel's Eye. They sawed through just the first verse, but it was enough to recognize the tune. I'm thinking that this performance gave the song its largest single audience ever. Just thought you'd like to know."

Please re-release me, let me go -- Brian's remix of Massive Attack's "Protection" has been re-released on a 2-CD compilation album created to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Mitch. The album is also called Protection. Some people might think that this might get confused with Massive Attack's similar-sounding album titled Protection which of course does not include the Brian Eno mix of "Protection". Confused? The EnoWeb suggests care when ordering. Make sure you're getting the 2-CD Various Artists one. We heard about some other re-releases, too. Rykodisc is going to re-release the first 5 Roxy albums, followed by Bryan Ferry's first few solo albums. Thanks to Richard Joly for all this re-release news.

Ain't no party, ain't no discog -- The EnoWeb's discography has been updated. Apart from various U2 and James things, it's reasonably accurate. And it's here.

Clockwatching -- Newsweek.com has an article about the Millennium Clock, which will play a chime by Brian once every thousand years, here. And an article about him to tie in with his visit to Davos here. Fancy him dressing up in his Roxy Music hair just for the great and the good of the World Economic Forum (according to the photograph accompanying the article)! Perhaps it was to keep the snow out of his ears.

What's the damage -- We've had a coupla requests for information about a new album called Damage by Eno/Hammond, which is listed as a forthcoming album at Music Boulevard, CDnow and others. According to the Thirsty Ear site, the Eno is Roger, not Brian.

Open book -- For people who have been unable to track down the French version of Brian's Diary, Une Année aux Appendices Gonflés, (which as you'll recall includes a 30-minute, 6-track CD of previously unreleased pieces) we are advised that a London bookshop stocks it, and they do international orders too. The shop is Grant & Cutler, 55-57 Great Marlborough Street, London W1V 2AY, UK. Fax: 0171 734 9272. Tel: 0171 734 2012. It has a web-site at www.grant-c.demon.co.uk but the EnoWeb's ineptitude prevented it from finding the book listed there.

Diamond Geezer -- Phil Manzanera's web-site says that negotiations are under way to re-release 801 Live with two previously unreleased live versions of "The Fat Lady of Limbourg" and "Golden Hours". Also planned is a CD release of Diamond Head. The site also announces that a tape has been unearthed of an 801 concert in Cromer which includes Eno in the line-up. More information at www.manzanera.com. (Thanks to Decophile on the newsgroup for this story).

Exposed Wire -- Brian's article for Wired is now on-line at the magazine's web-site: www.wired.com/wired/archive/7.01/eno.html.

Going global -- the World Economic Forum held its Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland from 28th January to 2nd February 1999. This year's meeting was snappily titled Responsible Globality: Managing the Impact of Globalization and Brian was scheduled to be a panellist at three sessions: 'The Next 10,000 Years', 'Understanding the "Long Now": Putting Globalization in Perspective', and 'Is Global Justice Possible?'. More information can be found at the organisation's web-site: http://www.weforum.org/. Hmm, we seem to have been missed off the invitation list (again! how do these things happen?) but one session per day will be web-cast and there's a chance that we might hear Brian at one of them. The web-casting site is http://live99.weforum.org. But his name isn't listed in the sessions to be broadcast.

X file -- Brian appeared on Bob Geldof's wireless programme on London's XFM station on 19th January. We don't know what he said though.

Caged up -- Brian has written a foreword to the second edition of Michael Nyman's book Experimental Music: Cage & Beyond, due to be published in both Hardback and Paperback in June by Cambridge University Press. The book can be preordered at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Thanks to Paul Audino for this story.

Cale mining -- What's Welsh For Zen, the autobiography of John Cale, was recently published by Bloomsbury Press. As well as telling JC's story the book "provides a view of other artists -- Lou Reed, Andy Warhol, Brian Eno -- as you've never seen them". Beautifully designed by Dave McKean, the book is available in two versions: a 272-page hardback (well, corrugated cardboard actually) at £20 and a limited edition box containing 272 unbound pages plus 12 colour images at £30. John Cale will also be doing a short tour in Britain in January. The book is currently orderable from amazon.co.uk if your local bookshop doesn't stock it.

Pet subject -- Brian Eno is not involved with the Pet Shop Boys' latest album, as the official PSB web-site previously claimed. Information on the album can be found here. Thanks to Richard Mills for this story.

Wired up -- Brian has written a column for the January issue of Wired Magazine. Thanks to Rod Le Cloux, John Byrne& Mal for this story.

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