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Buy Strategy -- Hurray! Opal has announced the launch of Enoshop, a new site developed to provide Brian with a direct route to people interested in his work. Many Eno fans have wondered what happens to all the music Brian makes between his major label releases; at last some of this mountain of work will see the light of day via Enoshop. First up is a new collaboration with Roger "The Brother" Eno, 18 Keyboard Pieces by Hans Friedrich Micheelsen. Also available are the full range of installation CDs, Oblique Strategies and the I Dormienti book. And all with secure Credit Card ordering at last!

My Old Dutch -- Radiocitizen says: There's a QuickTime film-clip with a backing-track taken from 'The Drop' here... It's called 'Dutch Blur' and appears to relate to Vincent Van Gogh ...

Only one memory -- Willygalore writes: "Don't know why I'm bothering to tell you this. It's most out of character for me to contact any web site, and I only just learned about the site on that shite web review show on telly.

Anyway, I took me Dad to the world financial center back in the late 80's when he visited me in New York City. Me aul-fella, a proper old flat cap Scouse socialist was half drunk and in a very good mood. I suddenly clocked Eno and - having been a fan since I was a kid, bought Virginia Plain and first seen Roxy Music on the Old Grey Whistle Test - I couldn't help but approach the man, which is also highly out of character.

Eno was putting on some sort of show for conservation or some such malarkey, in the financial center that night. I was really chuffed to see him, but his minder stuck up a warning arm as I approached. I told that prick to behave himself and said 'Alright Brian lad.' Eno laughed and said he couldn't stop cos he was working. That was sound. I was just happy to say hello and be acknowledged. I wasn't going to bother him further. But his bouncer pushed me aside.

Well, me auld fella grabbed the bouncer and was about to stick the head on him, but I stopped him. You'd reckon Eno would scatter like a scalded cat. But no. He laughed and ended up chatting with me Da for about 5 minutes or so while me and the bouncer stood their like spare pricks exchanging glares. It was very weird and funny. And I thought you might get a kick out of it."

My Old Dutch -- PandaFetusll e-mails: I'm E-mailing you because one day i was looking through the GTA3VC (a popular game here in the states where you steal cars and kill people, and its set in the 80's) song list manual, and i found a song by Roxy Music, 'More Than This'. Seeing as Eno is involved in Roxy Music i thought you might be interested.

Seven Webby Things -- This week EnoWeb was featured on The Web Review, a weekly ITV1 television programme that, uh, reviews the Web. They gave us a score of 7/10! In a statement, Webplasterer Tom Boon said: "This is a historic day for EnoWeb. Although our regular visitors will know that we do our very best to provide only the most broken links and incorrect information, regrettably there will always be occasions when some accuracies do slip through the net. 'The Net', gettit? Anyway, I can only apologise and say that we are committed to meeting our New Labour-imposed target of zero per cent efficiency by the end of the next Parliamentary session." EnoWeb News also contacted site founder Malcolm Humes who over a crackly mobile phone line had this to say: "Eh?... Wassat?... Who is this? Hey? Hey?!! Cotton-pickin' cold callers... you're all after my money... You aren't? You want to know what I think about the seven outta ten? Well, listen here and listen close" --- CLICK [luckily the call got cut off at this point as you really don't have all day to read through this drivel].

There's a heart in the chair -- This is bizarre and gets included here for best unauthorised usage of Eno/Budd music... [Thanks to Phil Franks for the link]

Life of Diary -- Robert Fripp's Diary for 9th December states: this afternoon: a call to Eno's office confirming my session with the Captain this Friday 13th December. Spooky! [N.B. Robert Fripp owns all copyright over these words; thanks to Ard van der Horst and Andrew Wilson for drawing EnoWeb's attention to the information they express]

Life of Riley -- Chris Meert writes: Sunday, December 8th, Dutch Radio 4 broadcast a Terry Riley Festival (festival took place earlier this year from Thursday 10th till Sunday 13th October in Groningen, Holland). The broadcast included a Terry Riley interview with Charles Amirkhanian and a contribution from Brian Eno. It ran from 20:00 to 1:00 Netherlands time.

Iraq 'n' Roll -- Gary Scott writes: In Andy Kershaw's column in the November / December 2002 issue of Songlines he has this to say -- "There were mutterings round at Radio 3 over the summer about a possible return to Iraq. The idea was to send me to the Babylon festival in October with Brian Eno, who was very keen to try out some collaborations with local musicians. But then that 'unelected, deeply stupid little oil spiv' in the White House (copyright Oxford don Richard Dawkins) got the idea of blitzkrieging the poor Iraqis once again and the BBC thought better of it."

No news is good news -- Really it is, because if everything's so quiet it must mean Brian is cooking up something truly ambient. All EnoWeb has to show for the last month are these links.

The Dove -- Brian flew in from Japan to take part in the Channel 4 programme War On Iraq: Which Side Are You On? on Sunday 29th September. Running from 23:40 to past 1, it was a lively discussion between six not entirely like-minded pundits. The programme will be available for viewing on Channel 4's site for those who were unable or unwilling to catch it at its original prime transmission time. (Thanks to David Honigmann who told EnoWeb to look out for this). On a related topic, Onur Azeri writes: I was reading about the anti-war protests in Britain today (Sunday in the States) at Salon.com. One of the interviewed people was Anthea Eno, here is the short transcript. "Iraq is not our enemy, stop Bush," said a homemade banner carried by Irial Eno, 12, who attended the rally with her sister, mother and grandmother. Irial's mother, Anthea Eno, said she would support an attack on Iraq if it had United Nations backing, but added that she did not expect that to happen. "There must be some other way," she said. "People are going to suffer, as always."

Reading (ru)morning papers -- Radiocitizen writes: The September issue of 'Dark Rumors' magazine has an interview with Brian Eno by Thanasis Athanasopoulos. EnoWeb adds: A Google search for this took us to a Mission site; maybe it's a Goth magazine? Radiocitizen writes further: I found an new interview with J. Peter Schwalm... It comes from the September 2002 issue of the German magazine, Keyboards - Recording & Computer. He talks about Eno and Drawn from Life, amongst other things. Unfortunately, it's in German. However, I hope to have a usable translation available on my website soon.

Perfect Day -- "I demand a better future," David Bowie was quoted as singing recently. Well, he can get one, simply by adopting a few of the ideas espoused in the latest tome from the Global Ideas Bank, Future Perfect. In his foreword to the book, Brian writes: "Democratic politics is supposed to be the expression and reconciliation of the concerns and ideas that emerge from society as a whole. But actually this is a description of a process that hardly ever happens. Policy is increasingly made by governments, full stop. People have very little to do with it in any detail and the discourse around it seems almost designed to tell us that we are not particularly welcome..."

All white now -- John Emr writes: I am sure you are somewhat familiar with John White, a musician who did a lot of work with Brian during the Obscure sessions. John and I have managed to work out a few performance dates for here in New York, October 12th and 13th... he won't be performing "The Hooting and Drinking Machine", but he will be playing his own piano sonatas, as well as some Cardew, and Hobbs. On Sunday he'll be playing with LIVE BATTS!!, his electronic chamber group.

Let's RAOK -- 1 Giant Leap's Jamie Catto took tea with Brian in July, leading Brian to a kind of idea.

Bio diversity -- Mark, Kevin & Bommel point out that from time to time Sid Smith's diary sometimes alludes to the progress he is making on the biography of Brian he is co-writing with Kevin Eden.

Smoke without fire -- Peter Marsh spotted this:

For A Few Dollars More -- Rich Yacuk points EnoWeb to a long link at The Independent Film Channel site. On Wednesday, July 24 10:45 am, the channel will broadcast The One Dollar Diary -- "Narrated by Wim Wenders, this digital diary offers a behind-the-scenes look at Wenders directing The Million Dollar Hotel as well as the collaboration between Bono, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and Jon Hassell on the film's soundtrack (2001)." EnoWeb, keen to lengthen this news story in a futile attempt to make it look as if anything Enewsworthy is going on at the moment, turned to Google for enlightenment and found some info about this 95 minute making-of documentary on Wim Wenders' site. Apparently it is also included on a (Germany-only, Region 2) 2-disc version of the DVD which EnoWeb sees is stocked at amazon.de.

We're Austin music, caught in a trap -- Cage Vice opines: Since your site seems to be a good source for everything Eno, I just thought I'd let you know that there is an Eno Tribute Night scheduled to take place at the Mercury in Austin, Texas on Thursday, 18 July, 2002 featuring local area bands doing vocal & ambient interpretations of songs that Mr. Eno has written & co-written. I will also be showing "Mistaken Memories Of Mediaeval Manhattan", "Thursday Afternoon", & "Imaginary Landscapes" throughout the evening, as well as playing selections from "Compact Forest Proposal" & "Music for Onmyo-Ji".

Executive Jet -- Hans Annéllsson writes: Just want to inform you of the cover of "Here Come The Warm Jetz" that's available on my new CD "One More Time For The World Some More". The record is available from www.cdbaby.com and www.recordheaven.net.

Link Panther -- David Brighton has returned from another Astral Journey with more obscure Eno links.

Boston tEno party -- T Max writes: Just wanted to make sure that you've heard about Project Eno. Nine Boston-based musicians are recreating Eno's early rock period, taking songs from Warm Jets, Tiger Mountain, Before & After Science, and Another Green World and performing them live on July 12 at 608 (608 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA).

Culture with a Capital E -- Brian is a patron of Norwich's campaign to become the UK's European Capital of Culture in 2008. Yup, Brian and Stephen Fry as well. Hmm, wonder if rival Cardiff's bid will be supported by Shakin' Stevens? Anyway, you can read Brian's Diary essay on Culture on the site if you haven't bought the book yet.

Pattern language -- Brian is one of the exhibitors at the Crafts Council's Pattern Crazy exhibition, opening 4th July in London.

Stop the clock -- the Long Now Foundation has announced that due to "great response... Brian Eno has expanded the Clock Bells CD project. The CD release is on hold until the now expanded CD has been completed". (Thanks to Michael Flaherty, Bommel, Dave Mead & Stephan Decroo). "Basically I've got a ten thousand year deadline on this job and I plan to use every single minute," Brian explained in a quote EnoWeb has just made up to fill a bit of space. "By harnessing beneficial life-enhancing harmonies generated by Koan and my time-stretching software I guarantee it'll be 'chime' well spent! Hahahahaha!" EnoWeb has created this exclusive* studio simulation (410K MP3) of work in progress to help you pass a minute of your time. *Exclusive because nobody else would want it.

Backstage pass -- Rex Features has a picture of Brian with Bono and David Bowie after the latter's Meltdown concert on 29th June. (Thanks to Paul Kinder's bowiewonderworld.)

Tiny role for Tolkien character -- Zoe Whitley writes: Dear Webmasters / site designers, We at SHOWstudio.com have recently posted a project titled COLUMN INCHES that features Brian Eno and we therefore thought it might be of interest to you. The project measures the amount of internet space devoted to musicians, designers, models and photographers and maps their popularity on a daily basis. Brian Eno's progress is presented in a fluctuating 'league chart', along with 49 other musicians. These were selected by a diverse panel of creatives, who were invited to nominate their favourite 10 artists working at present. COLUMN INCHES can be viewed at showstudio.com. I hope that you and your viewers find it interesting. Best wishes for continued success on your music site from all of us at SHOW. EnoWeb says: Oh, we thought you said Gollum there for a moment. Sorry.

Radio video -- Two forthcoming shows on European channels had some coverage of Brian. On Friday June 7th the German radio channel WDR3 broadcast a feature called 'The Godfather of Ambient: Brian Eno' by Thomas Loewner; it's at 23:05-24:00 local time (thanks to michael peters on the newsgroup). And Brian Clevinger writes: The French/ German/ Belgian TV channel Arte showed a one hour long show about Eno on Friday June 14th at 23:10 local time. In the French TV magazine Telerama there's a picture of Eno setting up an installation of suspended boom boxes, as well as a strange spheric object with mushroom-like appendages, possibly a home-made speaker. Looks very promising! (Thanks also to Dirk D'hulster who sent in this information).

Lost in translation -- Further (p)review coverage of the recent concerts in Italy can be found here and here translated by Google with another outing for the Bottom gag (thanks to Suburban Ambient). To get the links to work on the first one you'll need to call up the original Italian page using the link at the top Google frame.

Too hot for some -- Gennaro writes again: Here is the setlist of Rome: Intro, Light a cigarette, Persis, Warnography, Forced to choose, Thin man, Sheer fall, Two voices, My squelchy life, Bottomliners, Like pictures, Intenser, No one receiving, My squelchy life. The musicians were: Brian Eno - keyboards, J. Peter Schwalm - keyboards, Leo Abrahams - guitar, Christoph Buhse - drums, Tim Harries - bass, Heiko Himminghoffen - percussion (Nell Catchpole was on the program but wasn't on the stage). Red hot chili peppers were in the audience but ran away during the first version of My squelchy life. .......ok, ok, I know it's an idiot piece of news......:-))

Linkmania -- Not much newsworthy going on this month apart from the concert performances, so here are a bunch of links to make the Eno-part of your life feel that much fuller.

Broadcast News -- Brian has had a busy weekend in the meeja. On Saturday he was one of the signatories to a letter protesting at the treatment of Jose Bustani, the director-general of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. He spoke out about the issue on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. Saturday evening was spent in a return match of radio ping-pong with Charlie Gillett on London Live. On Sunday morning he appeared on Sky News' weekly current affairs programme Sunday with Political Editor Adam Boulton.

Radio Daze -- Deutschlandfunk (DLF) German radio listeners are in for a treat on Friday, May 3rd, 02002 from 21:05 - 22:00 German time. That's because there is to be a broadcast of Brian & J. Peter's concert of 4-D music, originally performed on October 19th 02002 in Lanzarote as part of the 12th Festival Musica Visual Lanzarote. This is likely to be the one and only broadcast of the concert anywhere in the world. The programme will be presented by Michael Engelbrecht. DLF has live streaming of its broadcasts (RealAudio, Media Player or MP3) so there may be a chance to hear it if you're not in Germany on that date.

O Sole Eno -- Another date in the Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm performances diary has come to light, in addition to the Cagliari and Milan gigs mentioned down the page: 25th May 2002 at the Nuovo Auditorium in Rome, as part of Gli Angeli Sopra Roma Festival. Apparently there will be "a special introduction to Eno's new material and songs for his forthcoming solo album". No news on when it might be coming forth though. (Thanks to Bommel)

Radio Days -- the Dutch NPR Radio 4 FM station is repeating the concert of the Metropole Orkest's performance of The Shutov Assembly on 14th April at 20.00-22.00 hrs Dutch time. The performance was originally recorded as part of 01999's Holland Festival. You can listen to the live stream at that time if you're not in the Netherlands (Media Player .asx format). (Thanks to Marc Broer).

B.R.K.-fast -- jonny writes: This site has a stream of a track made with Brian Eno in 99. Another one will be up next week and they will both be available for download by the end of next week if you're interested...

Judy's Jungle -- Gordon Osse e-mails to say: I didn't see this when I searched for "Judy Nylon" on enoweb, so I'm passing on this link to an interview at 3am magazine. She dishes a bit about the whole "invention of ambient music" thing (re: liner notes to "Discreet Music"), and hanging out with Eno and Cale circa '73-'74. A unique insider's perspective. The interview isn't all about Eno & her, just a few 'grafs. It's from Oct '01.

SSEYO, Tao, go-go-go -- SSEYO, the creator of Koan, the generative music software that Brian uses, has been acquired by Tao Group. The two companies have been working in close partnership for two years. According to the press release this is "a move that clearly shows Tao's increasing technology leadership and creates major commercial benefits for its customers." One such customer, Brian Eno (award-winning musician, producer and artist), is quoted as reacting: "The Tao/SSEYO merger will create new opportunities for musicians, artists and mobile phone developers. SSEYO's new vector audio technology can produce high-quality audio from very small amounts of data - and Koan's proven music engine offers users a whole new level of interactivity."

Leap year -- 18 or over? Fed up that EnoWeb never gives you anything? Then take heart. EnoWeb is giving you the FREE chance to win a copy of 1 Giant Leap's new DVD film starring Brian Eno as Father Time (actually he just talks to the film-makers about Time, but the thought of a cowled Brian running around on New Year's Eve with a long wispy beard, scythe and hourglass deserves a few seconds' consideration). There's an incredible three copies of the DVD up for grabs free of charge in this exclusive offer for EnoWeb visitors -- that's three chances to win and win BIG!!!!! And you've already made it through the first several stages of the FREE competition to get here. The first was being born. The second was growing up and developing an unhealthy interest in Brian Eno. The third was deciding to visit EnoWeb. And the fourth was sincerely believing that the world can be a better place (Please delete if this does not apply to you. Meanie.) Unfortunately the fifth rules you out as the draw ran for a month and the closing date has passed. To find out more about 1 Giant Leap just hop on over to the EnoWeb Annexe.

Inter City -- Marius Chan writes: Thought you might like to know that a new Slop Shop album Interpretations features the track "Hypericum", a remix of the Schwalm/Eno track "So Nah" as well a stunning remix of "Stay...and come" by Brian. The cd is available from amazon.de.

Le Gogo -- a displacement activity riffle through Google turned up something you might find interesting. A John Diliberto interview with Brian where Brian reveals that "Bloom" on Drawn From Life has some fakery in it. And Jerome Lefdup's site with two QuickTime extracts from his "Ali Click" video for the One Eno documentary.

Tart -- Psycholinguistically, what words does your brain begin to expect when you see the beginning "Bri"? Britney? Bri-Nylon? BrI'm a yankee doodle dandy? Hmm, knowing you it's probably Brian Eno... so prepare to forge new pathways in your lexicon, with the awareness that the Britart.com gallery is now selling the Oblique Strategies.

Nerve Regeneration -- Nerve Net is back on-line, hurrah, now hosted by topica.com. Best way to (re-)subscribe is probably to click on the link on this page:

Due South -- The tour-that's- not-a-tour continues, with Brian & Peter taking the Drawn From Life roadshow south to Italy. First up is Sunny Sardinia: April 29th in the Teatro Lirico di Cagliari. And Gennaro e-mails to say: "Teatro dalVerme in Milan reports a concert by Eno and Schwalm on May 23rd."

UPDATE: The Cagliari performance is part of the Sant d'Efisio Festival. The Milan performance is part of the Suoni e Visioni Festival.

Not tonight, Josephine -- Brian is often described as a Renaissance Man, but until now little has been known of the pivotal role he played in later European history. That is, if this cutting from Monday 4th March's Independent newspaper's television listings is to be believed.


UnNerving news -- Nerve Net, the Brian Eno discussion & news e-mail list, is temporarily in hibernation owing to the sudden disappearance of its server. Alex Rubli, the list's administrator, hopes it will be up and running again very soon. EnoWeb sends best wishes for a speedy recovery and will let you know when it resurfaces. Oh, while I'm on the topic of withdrawn Internet services, if you still have the old enoweb@itsibitsi.in2home.co.uk address in your e-mail address book please delete it. The owners of in2home have decided that what they advertised as "free Internet access for life" will come to an end on the last day of March this year. What do they know that the rest of the world's population doesn't?

Enobotics -- Winfrid de Munck e-mails to say: "Found this snippet of info in the Culture Section of the Sunday Times: James Geary discusses his book The Body Electric with Brian Eno and Steve Guard (whose robot Lucy will also be in attendance) at the ICA, The Mall, London, February 26th, 7 pm."

Eno and sId -- Mark Williamson writes: "Thought EnoWeb might like to know: Sid Smith's diary at DGM says Sid is hoping to put on a Eno installation in Newcastle later this year (hurray - the last one I saw was Place#11 many years ago) and also that he has been commisioned to write a biography of Eno. Sid Smith is the author of a recent (and excellent) book about King Crimson." According to the 15th February entry, the title will be Back To Minus and Sid is working on it with Kevin Eden.

UPDATE: Kevin Eden elaborates: "Sid and I had independently begun to work on this and following discussions and meeting decided to make a thoroughly good job of this by pooling our resources. Brian has been consulted and like us agrees it should be an all encompassing biog to take in his music, visual and theoretical work. Work will begin in earnest in a few months as Sid is currently writing the Talk Talk biog. Publisher will be Helter Skelter books."

Ferry cake (food for thought) -- Santiago Calvo Ramos e-mails: "Just read on-line on the NME website that Eno has collaborated with Bryan Ferry on the track 'I thought' to be included in Ferry's new album." Frantic is due for release in the UK on 22 April.

UPDATE: Due for release in the US on 21 May.(Thanks to Michael Flaherty)

His art's in the right place -- Kas Graham tells us: "Brian Eno recently gave a fascinating 2 hour talk at Chelsea Art College on patterns and evolving systems and how he relates them to his musical and artistic work. He also slagged off the contemporary art world as not being forward looking or innovative , which is always nice to hear, hey you art students, get yer fingers out of your noses!"

Index's Midnight Runners -- Talking of fingers, one type of finger is the Index, and coincidentally John Imperio writes: "Hello, I don't know if you know this but Feb/March 2002 issue of Index magazine has an extensive interview with Brian Eno."

Telly Had-it -- Self-styled "unusual creature" Brian Eno discussed radio and television in the Sunday Times on 3rd February 02002. Among other ruminations, he said: "It isn't that I hate the medium; on the contrary, I am a potential addict. Television is so glossy, the programmes so glamorised, that it is too easy to be seduced. After watching for a few hours I often find myself thinking: 'What do I remember of that? What was the point?' I am entranced by the medium, but not, apparently, deeply changed by it." EnoWeb adds: How lucky we all are never to experience similar emotions while reading this site, ha ha. (Thanks to Richard Joly)

Small World -- I. Wishtu Remayne-Anon E. Muss writes: Brian Eno presented the "Asia and South Pacific" award in the inaugural BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards on the 28th January, from Ocean in Hackney, London. The award went to Tuvan group Yat-Kha and Brian's appearance and speech can be seen on the BBC Radio 3 site.

Are you dronesome tonight? -- Joseph Buck from Boomtown points out that Brian contributes to a discussion about Emergence and organic music this week, playing the start of a Koan piece called "Droner 2" three times to illustrate the way Koan music is non-identical each time it is played.

Not you(2) again -- Joseph Buck further wishes to draw respected EnoWeb visitors' attention to his discovery that Brian contributes to a BBC Radio 2 documentary on U2.

Ticking Off -- 1 Giant Leap's site has some video of Brian talking in front of the prototype of the Clock of the Long Now in the Science Museum's Making The Modern World gallery.

Sinf music -- Tim Jones forwarded us the following information:

"Hello admirers of The Portsmouth Sinfonia! I am Martin Lewis - the manager of the Portsmouth Sinfonia and I want to give you the latest news about our plans to release all the Portsmouth Sinfonia albums on CD. As you may or may not know - the Portsmouth Sinfonia recordings have not been commercially available for many, many years. We are hoping to have this remedied soon! We are currently negotiating with various companies. Our plan is eventually to reissue the entire Portsmouth Sinfonia catalogue. And for the first time ever - their music will be on CD.

"We are also hoping to release some rarities. And make available a home-video which will include their infamous concert at London's Royal Albert Hall in May 1974! What would help us to achieve this is to have e-mails from Portsmouth Sinfonia fans letting us know that they want the albums on CD. It will help us demonstrate to record companies that there are lots of fans who want the Sinfonia recordings! So - if you want to help us get the Sinfonia catalogue released on CD - please send us an e-mail. Send your e-mail to me: sinfonia@martinlewis.com; the subject heading should be: Portsmouth Sinfonia. I will add you to our e-mail list so that you have new information as soon as we have it ... When the albums are reissued we will be launching an official Portsmouth Sinfonia website - www.portsmouthsinfonia.com - which will feature news, history, photos, rare materials etc."

Scouting for talent -- several visitors have been working hard towards their Eno-Spotters badge.

Marius Chan says: I was at the recent James concert at Wembley (Dec. 10th). Half way through "English Beefcake" a shortish bald man walked on stage in the near total darkness and started singing into a microphone. After a few moments I realized that it was Himself, C.S.J. Bofop. After the song, Tim Booth introduced Brian as "our producer and major inspiration". Then Brian provided backing vocals in a joyous rendition of "Sometimes", although his "dancing" was wooden beyond belief. He then left the stage to football-style chants of "Eno! Eno!",but joined the band again for the finale of "Sit Down". It was lovely too see the obvious affection between Brian and the band, he seemed to be treated like a virtual member of the group. I really hope there will be future collaborations between the remaining members and Brian (Tim is leaving the band).

A visitor who wishes to remain anonymous writes: brian was spotted grinningly dancing to rachid taha at the queen elizabeth hall in london on nov 13th, as part of the london jazz festival. he later talked to rachid backstage.

Finally, David from Wishful-Thinking has continued his journeys through Space, Mind And Time to turn up the following obscure links...

Crash! It happens. -- So sang John Foxx. Back in December Hyperreal's server crashed, losing all its disk contents. The site was refreshed from Hyperreal's back-up which is why many visitors experienced time travel back to October. I couldn't get access to the server until now, so I couldn't upload replacement EnoWeb pages. Sorry for any withdrawal symptoms you may have been suffering. I'll fix any broken links as and when I come across them, but for now let's all breathe a sigh of relief and thank goodness we don't have to read all that out-of-date news any more.

Roxy pop shock -- Eno has announced that he is to quit Roxy Music. "Creative diferences" are blamed for the rift between the blond rocker and group supremo Bryan Ferry. Now aged 25, Eno could well have an interesting solo career ahead of him, and rest assured that we at EnoWeb will be doing our best to keep you up to date with the very latest news concerning him in the rest of the Seventies and beyond.

In the Oblique Midwinter -- The Fifth Edition of the Oblique Strategies is rolling off the production lines. Boxed decks can now be ordered from Opal. There's full ordering information at the EnoWeb Annexe. Rough Trade also has them in stock.

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