: updated 8th december 02006 :

Brian contributes to The South Bank Show on Steve Reich on Sunday 10th December, ITV1 at the prime time of 23:10.

Dominic Norman-Taylor writes: Brian will be exhibiting 77 Million Paintings in installation form (as opposed to what was shown at the Barbican) in the lower ground floor of Selfridges, Oxford Street, London from January 27th for six weeks. Entrance will be free. This is a new space dedicated to art events. He will also be exhibiting at The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts, Gateshead (Newcastle) from early February for three months. Entrance free.

The ICA chat between Brian and Steven Johnson will be available as a download sometime apparently. In the meantime, Rory Walsh writes: managed to get Eno sign a few things. I had him sign a copy of January 07003. Looking at the CD, one of his team said that it was the Long Now CD (The event was the first Long Now UK event) "I know – we should have taken some copies along," he snapped shaking head. Peering down at the CD he sighed "I am so bad at marketing – I really am." Steven Johnson’s blog has some pictures. I know you get contacted all the time by people who want to talk to Eno so I thought you may be interested in a story Steven Johnson told about a Blogger who set a challenge "I want to talk to Brian Eno..."

Brian's music can save your life.

If like most EnoWeb visitors you've been putting off buying the Nokia Sirocco phone because its just too cheap, help is at hand with this pricier bling model. Thank goodness for that.

Our previous update was on 26th November when we reported...

Rory Walsh points out: There is a Moving Out to the Country Microsite which has the complete "Dreaming My Dreams With You" track. On the track by track section Holland comments on the piece and Brian as well.

A few YouTube appearances/mentions...

Julia A e-mails: I am looking for serious relations, are you?, Julia
EnoWeb responds: No. Meet my relations, all of them grinning like facepacks.
Julia: Hello! I am Julia. I am very kind, modest --
EnoWeb: Are you truly the best judge of that?
Julia: -- cheerful, merry --
EnoWeb: have you been drinking?
Julia: -- and sociable. I like communicate with interesting and cheerful people.
EnoWeb: Why have you e-mailed us then? I can tell you Mustard is in a particularly foul mood today owing to the mild-weather-can't-hibernate thing.
Julia: I would like to know you. What is your life foundations?
EnoWeb: Not exactly sure, as this house was built by my grandfather's hand, before I was accused of theft.
Julia: And I adore to have fun time with my friends, but sometimes, I want to be alone.
EnoWeb: So would you agree that consistency is not your main attribute?
Julia: I like sport and moving so much and I cant to be in one places for a long time. Do you like sport?
EnoWeb: Nope. And you sound rather restless; all that moving so much, it must cost you a fortune to replace the carpets you wear out.
Julia: I have some questions for you if you want to get to know me closer: 1/ Are you interested in serious relations with Russian woman? 2/ Are you planning to visit Russia? 3/ Would you like to correspond or to talk by phone? 4/ Why are you interested in Russian lady? 5/ Have you ever been to Russia?
EnoWeb: How is it that an unsolicited e-mail from our new pen-pal Julia suddenly turns into a brutal interrogation session?
Jack Bauer: Answer me! When did you last visit Russia? Who did you meet? If you lie to me I swear I will kill you!!!
graveyard scenery: making you look and feel younger.
EnoWeb: Are you sure you've got that right?
graveyard scenery: It will help you * Decrease fat reserves in the body * Increase muscle and bone mass
EnoWeb: Graveyards do have some of those effects, true. It's a nightmare world, really, isn't it?
Brandon Jernigan: shame of sex? we can change it
EnoWeb: But EnoWeb isn't planning on having a sex change. A spam change on the other hand...

Our previous update was on 23rd November when we reported...

Rory Walsh writes: Eno’s contribution to Jools Holland's Moving Out To The Country is the Allen Reynolds song "Dreaming My Dreams With You" which is listed as being performed by Brian Eno. Reynolds is best known these days as Garth Brooks' producer but he has written many country standards. Waylon Jennings had a top 10 hit with it in America however in Europe Marianne Faithfull’s 1977 version may be better known – particularly in Ireland where it was a huge hit.

Michael Poché e-mails: There is an interview with Eno in the Time European Edition. EnoWeb adds: Hmm... Brian says, "You think I'm happy, but I'm not. I'm totally miserable.", another Abyss-type statement to add to his Serpentine Interview Marathon gloomversation.

Next stop, South Africa. Okay maybe not the next one, judging by the usual here/ there/ everywhere schedule of the jet-setting globe-scampering ambient maverick, but come February he'll be cropping up at the 10th Design Indaba Conference at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

San Base e-mails: Hello, could you please resend this message to Brain Eno? In any case read it, please. After that you can make decision: can it interest Brian or no.

Mustard the Tortoise hisses: As the page you e-mailed us from clearly stated that Brian has no association with EnoWeb and we cannot pass messages on to him, you can use your own skill and judgement to dream up an answer that will in the opinion of the judges most closely match the truth. In the run-down to hibernation I failed my Eno mind-reading qualification exams and am not permitted publicly to practise decision-making on what may or may not pique his interest from one day to the next. EnoWeb visitors who enjoy generative systems may want to take a look; I want to take a long sleep.

Our previous update was on 14th November when we reported...

Apple has a 2-page interview with Brian talking about 77 Million Paintings and how all the team involved in creating it just love Macs and Mac software and really could not live without them, even for a moment. (Thanks to Mark Harrop, Bahi Para, Stephen Brydon, Pierre Kaser & Francesco Lo Forte.)

Following his plague of flies earlier this year, Brian will be talking to Steven Johnson about a cholera outbreak at the ICA in London on 4th December 2006. That is, they'll be talking about cholera breaking out during the 19th Century, but not specifically located at the ICA. Probably best to wash your hands anyway if you attend just in case.

The Independent had an interview with Paul Simon on 28th October 2006. Here's the bit where they mentioned Brian.

The collaboration with Eno...

Brian helps out with orthodontopaleontology. EnoWeb says: But where's the evidence, eh? When have Bible-denying so-called "scientists" ever found the fossil pillows that dinosaurs would have hidden their teeth under so that the dinosaur tooth fairy could come and swap them for dinosaur money? Mustard replies: I was there in the aons both before and after the dinosaurs, for I am Ancient, and lemme tell ya, they had no money. Always expected the tortoises to pay for the drinks. It was "oh dear, I've left my wallet at home again, oops, can you rush to the bar and pay for the beers just this once" every single day. Cheapskates. Probably died out through excessive thirst in the end.

More info on the event in Dubai where Brian's 77 Million Paintings should be exhibited in March 2007.

Not everybody is impressed, however.

The hour-long Classic Albums television documentary on the making of The Joshua Tree is out on DVD in Canada.

Another example of black propaganda planted on the Internet by Eno sympathisers, trying to trick the proletariat into believing that Brian is a nice person. We're not fooled.

Our previous update was on 26th October when we reported...

Rykodisc has new web-site to promote 77 Million Paintings. You get Flash, audio of Brian explaining the thinking behind the project, a YouTube video and purchase links.

BBC Radio 3 will follow its broadcast of Brian's Free Thinking lecture on Friday 3rd November (billed as The Brian Eno Lecture, 21.30-22.30 GMT) with an edition of Mixing It (22.30-23.30 GMT) featuring "another chance to hear Brian Eno's choice of three recordings that have been influential". (Thanks to Bommel).

Stephan Decroo writes: I've found this link on the web concerning remixes of My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts...

Our previous update was on 23rd October when we reported...

At last The Cotswold Gnomes -- out-takes from Fripp & Eno sessions -- is available from dgmlive.com. They currently have "Cross Crisis in Lust Storm" as a free "hot tickle" free download (mp3) and there are previews of the other tracks to give a flavour of the material. (Thanks to Sid Smith).

Some coverage of Brian's Pop!Tech talk...

Glancing at the site of Blackwell the bookseller, it looks as though various Eno-related tomes have had their release dates pushed far forward into the future. The Eno biog On Some Faraway Beach is now set for 1st May 2008; the re-release of A Year for 5th April 2007, and The Margin for 6th September 2007.

Our previous update was on 16th October when we reported...

Radiocitizen writes: Brian Eno will be one of the speakers at the Pop!Tech conference, "an ongoing conversation about science, technology and the future of ideas". Brian's talk will be on Thursday 19 October from 9.00-10.30am (as it's based in Maine, we're assuming that's Eastern Standard Time [GMT-5]) in Session I: Emergence; Will Wright's talk is also scheduled to take place in the same session. Pop!Tech sessions are streamed live and it looks as though they are archived afterwards at IT Conversations.

Stephen Brydon e-mails: Brian Eno will give the Free Thinking lecture on Friday 3rd November, kicking off the Free Thinking Festival in Liverpool. The lecture is scheduled for 7pm–8pm at the Cornerstone Building, Liverpool Hope University and should be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 later that evening from 21.30-22.30.

In one of the more surprising news stories to hit EnoWeb recently, Tony Ballinger says: Brian plays keyboards on Belinda Carlisle's new French-language album, Voila!, due for release on 6th February next year.

Mark Coles' interview with Brian finally made it to Today on 7th October in a shortened form with some quotes about YouTube not included on The Ticket. (Thanks to David Evans).

4AD is gradually making the songs from Plague Songs available for streaming on a microsite. "Flies" debuted on 13th October. Not sure that the mono stream does the audio any favours though. (Thanks to Richard Joly).

Sean McManus has a review of 77 Million Paintings.

Just to confirm that Brian's music on the short film Anthropology 101 is all previously unreleased.

Our previous update was on 4th October when we reported...

Sebastian Böcking e-mails: A short film is about to be released. It is called Anthropology 101 and features original music by Brian Eno.

Rick writes: Just encountered a new (?) piece of music by Brian Eno with Robert Wyatt
("Flies") on the newly released Plague Songs cd. Nice!

Thomas O'Neill, a.k.a. Doc T says: Here is a link to another Oblique Strategies page on the web - it's a little PHP page I wrote. The format of the display mirrors the traditional black & white cards. A tiny link at the bottom right of each card displayed shows the card set(s) in which the strategy appears; click on the link and you are taken to Gregory Taylor's Oblique Strategies site for more information. Click the "Another One" link at the bottom of the page to draw another card.

Our previous update was on 3rd October when we reported...

77 Million Paintings is currently exhibiting at the following venues:

In the UK - at The Barbican, London, from 28th September to 10th October. Admission is free and there are several screens throughout the whole building but display times are not wholly straightforward.

In Italy - at the Venice Biennale (Oil Depot at The Arsennale) for 10 days from 29th September.

In Argentina (to be confirmed) - somewhere in Buenos Aires from 15-18 November

Opal is planning further installations; possible locations in 2007 include Madrid, Dubai and Capetown. (Thanks to Lin Barkass)

Mark Coles interviewed Brian about 77 Million Paintings for the BBC World Service programme The Ticket on Saturday 30th September. Parts of the interview may also make it into BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Thursday 5th October. (Thanks to Dominic Norman-Taylor)

Bang On A Can will be performing Music For Airports at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport on 4th October and The Barbican on 7th October. (Thanks to Michel Poché and Bernd Kretschmar)

John Foxx talks a bit about Brian producing Ultravox in this interview by Simon Sellars.

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph has an interview with Lloyd Watson, part of the 801 line-up.

David Whittaker writes: Richard Dawkins' new religion bashing tome The God Delusion has Brian's endorsement on the back cover where he has this to say: "I see this as a book for a new millennium, one in which we may be released from lives dominated by the supernatural". So that’s alright then and we can all sleep cosily in our beds tonight without fear of the rattle of ghostly chains or the whistle of the banshee through the keyhole.

EnoWeb adds: Well you may say that, David, but we don't think it'll be long before Brian & Richard collaborate on a new book, The Selfish Genie, which explores the biological consequences of living in a magical lamp (you need snake-like dislocation abilities and a fair amount of fire resistance apparently) or having your hair turned white overnight after hearing the wail of the Bean Sídhe (a feature not generally passed on to subsequent generations owing to your imminent demise). Mythical (OR ARE THEY?????!!!!!) Creatures have always been excluded from proper scientific study -- all part of the establishment's conspiracy to make us think they do not exist -- and all that will change in this epoch-shattering novel serious work of academic analysis for a new millennium.

Our previous update was on 20th September when we reported...

77 Million Paintings coverThings are gearing up for the release of 77 Million Paintings on 25th September, and we have the press release to prove it:

A groundbreaking Limited Edition DVD/Art Software Package

Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings is a generative project - a "visual music" programme using television and computer screens to create constantly evolving paintings.

Available in limited-edition deluxe numbered packaging, it features a generative software disc playable on Mac or PC together with an exclusive interview DVD and a 52-page hardbound book with an extensive essay by Eno covering his career as a visual artist, fully illustrated with previously unseen images. The 77 million paintings are generated from handmade slides, randomly combined by the computer using specially developed software. It also processes the music that accompanies the paintings in a similar way, so the selection of elements and their duration in the piece are arbitrarily chosen, forming a virtually infinite number of variations.

"I think of these things as visual music. The screen is not being used to tell a story - which is what screens normally do - but to show a painting that changes all the time. One of the interesting things about this is that the artist doesn’t actually know what the result is going to be. There will be unique moments in this for every viewer, and every viewer’s experience will be somewhat different.

This could be used just as you’d use a painting. People now have larger screens, but these big objects sitting in their rooms are dormant for a lot of the time. If you’re not actually watching television, what you have is a big black hole in the wall. 77 Million Paintings is intended to occupy that downtime so that, instead of having a dead hole in the wall, you have a living picture." -- Brian Eno

Information about the Barbican exhibition of 77 Million Paintings is still rather scarce, but we did track down a PDF for the Steve Reich season which suggests that like popcorn and Kia-Ora, Brian's art is "available in the Foyer, NOW!" Or from 28th September to 8th October at any rate.

Bernd Kretschmar has found some information about the 77 Million Paintings exhibit at The Big Chill during the summer.

Brian was one of the signatories for an open letter in The Independent on Saturday 16th September, calling on the UK Government to take action over Darfur.

There's a tracklist for Plague Songs up at the Margate Exodus site, in advance of the event on 30th September.

Brian gets a mention from K T Tunstall in this Daily Record article.

Our previous update was on 11th September when we reported...

The title of the forthcoming Fripp & Eno download album has been revealed as The Cotswold Gnomes: Unreleased Works of Startling Genius. It should be available soon.

SiroccenoReilly Morse & Julian Lewis point out that clicking on "Design Inspiration" in the Experience section on Nokia's 8800 Sirocco page brings up a 3-minute film of nature and phone images with soundbites from Brian as he explains his approach to creating the ringtone. "Organic. Calm. Confident. Highly evolved." "Ooh, that phone sounds just like me," comments Mustard the Tortoise. Julian also says the Indulge page allows you to hear 2 other ringtones, Piano & Wake Up; not sure if these are by Brian though. According to an eBay auction from someone with a feedback rating of -3, the 8800 Sirocco edition will appear in the shops on 22nd October.

John Diliberto e-mails: We've put up our interview features with Michael Brook on our MySpace player. It will only be there a week or so. While you're there, sign up as a friend and let us know what you think.

Our previous update was on 6th September when we reported...

Radiocitizen & Sebastian Böcking e-mail to say that Brian has provided the noise for Nokia's new 8800 Sirocco Edition phone.

The Press Release says: "The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition draws its name from the powerful desert-born wind that originates in the Sahara when a warm, dry air mass collides with the cooler, maritime air of the Mediterranean ... And as it blows, the powerful sirocco makes its own unique sound - a composition from nature caused by two air masses colliding. With nature as his inspiration, Brian Eno, the world renowned music composer and ambient music innovator, has created a unique 'sonic texture' that is organic, calm and highly evolved. It has an otherworldly feel - comprised of notes created by instruments that Eno has selected and 'synthesized' himself."

EnoWeb also expects to hear the unique otherworldly sound of the collective sharp intake of breath from Eno fans worldwide when they see the price-tag of €1000 / $1000... Perhaps Brian will follow up with a ringtone featuring the unique otherworldly crackling sound of money burning?

We know you can't always trust Wikipedia, but potential purchasers should take note: "The Sirocco causes dusty, dry conditions along the northern coast of Africa, storms in the Mediterranean Sea, and cold, wet weather in Europe ... Many people attribute health problems to the Sirocco".

Incidentally, anyone else recall this extract from a Q interview in 2001?

Steve Gibbs, via e-mail: With all your technical wizardry, have you composed your own personal ring tone for your mobile?
Brian: I can't believe that anyone could even be interested in thinking about such a thing.

The DVD of the Stop The War concert is available from Enoshop.

Sebastian Böcking writes: Brian will appear on the forthcoming Jools Holland collaboration Moving Out To The Country. It will be released on November 20th through Warner. Many more artists will also appear including Bob Geldof, Tom Jones and Mark Knopfler.

The Bestival site has a statement from Brian on his appearance with Rachid Taha.

Our previous update was on 23rd August when we reported...

We're all going to burn. That was the message from Brian when he was interviewed by Rem Koolhaas and Hans Ulrich Obris at the Serpentine Interview Marathon on 28th July. Asked how he saw the current moment in the world, he said...

"Sometimes I think things are so desperately precarious at the moment that everything else we're doing is utterly irrelevant, like sitting here talking or going to my studio and making whatever I make, seems increasingly off the point to me. I've always been an optimist until recently, and I've become very pessimistic recently.

"You know, the Lebanon thing is only a simple example of how suddenly it seems that a lot of states are conspiring to have a war because they all think they're going to come out of it best. And it's not a little war that they want to have, they want to have a big war, and I'm saying Israel, America, us, Hizbollah, Iran, Syria, they all see a good reason for a nice big regional conflict, and I don't really see anybody who has a strong enough interest in preventing them from doing it at the moment.

"So that's one type of crisis. The other type of crisis is the really big question which is about climate change: this for instance is the hottest July since 1659 in England; 10 of the last 14 years have been the hottest 10 years on record, so this seems to me a really difficult problem as well, in that even if we suddenly all decide tomorrow that we're going to do everything right, it's a 50 year ship that's got to turn, it's going in a direction and it's going to be a long time before that direction changes.

"So I'm kind of pessimistic and I'm looking to my daughters' generation to just burn the lot of us and start again really."

Brian was also asked about his music:

"I've been developing this idea of something called generative music, which is self-creating music, and I think I've done that quite successfully, but now I want to start to do it at the atomic or molecular level - I want to start at a much deeper level in the music, making it generative. This is kind of hard to explain, but it's as if I've found out how to make, let's say, motor-cars assemble themselves, but now I want to find out how to make molecules assemble themselves. That's the only analogy I can make really."

The DVD of the Stop The War concert featuring Rachid Taha, Brian, Nitin Sawhney, Imogen Heap and Special Guest Mick Jones is finally available from Secret Records.

J. Peter Schwalm e-mails: i am writing to you to inform you that my new record called musikain is now available in the U.K. thru discovery distribution. CDs can be purchased thru HMV and amazon.co.uk. [EnoWeb adds: you'll find it under the artist name Schwalm]. It is also available on iTunes worldwide. This record features vocalists such as Brian Eno (on the song "no orders"), Imogen Heap and James Wolff. [EnoWeb adds: It has a sticker on the front with a recommendation from Brian too].

Prior to the Big Chill presentation of 77 Million Paintings, Brian talked to The Independent.

Before we move away from that topic, the release date of the English-language version of 77 Million Paintings is set for September 26th apparently, or 25th according to Amazon.co.uk who are filing it as a DVD rather than software. Here are a few related links.

According to The Village Voice, Brian has been "gushing" about Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie's graphic novel Lost Girls.

Sonic State has a profile of Brian including a video on YouTube. "He is a hard man to track down. He doesn't give an awful lot of interviews, and him talking on camera is not something we see very often." Hmm, can this be the same Brian Eno? Anyway the video stream then runs through the other Eno videos on YouTube.

Npitts writes: Here's a guy who reviews books for a paper in Kansas City. He made a short list of albums to read by; 3 Eno related cds made his list.

Echoes looks at the links that can be drawn between Brian and any other artist they care to mention. You can also hear one of their 2003 interviews with Brian.

Michael Brook has a new album out, RockPaperScissors. Listen to 3 tracks at NPR.

Our previous update was on 27th July when we reported...

An update on the Interview Marathon at The Serpentine: people will be able to witness Brian being probed on Friday 28th July sometime between 6pm and 9pm BST (GMT+1). (Thanks to Dominic Norman-Taylor).

UPDATE: Richard Mills points out that the interviews will be broadcast & streamed live (probably not archived though) on London's Resonance FM station (104.4FM).

Richard Mills says that the London leg of the poptabulous Brian Eno 77 Million Paintings Roadshow will be at the Barbican from 28th September to 8th October, not the Serpentine as EnoWeb groundlessly speculated.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, we have some more information on the Venice appearance of 77 Million Paintings which is happening contemporaneously from 29th September to 7th October. Brian and his art are clearly capable of bilocation. Spooky, eh? Thanks again to Richard Mills.

Looks as though the second part of The Art of Pop, the Jarvis Cocker-helmed documentary on the links between art schools and bands, may make mention of Roxy Music. That's Tuesday 1st August from 11:30 to 12:00 on BBC Radio 4, and available for a week afterwards on the Radio 4 site.

UPDATE: Not much mention really, though Brian was referenced as a visitor to the art college with a girlfriend back in Jarvis' time.

The August 2006 (270) issue of The Wire has a feature/interview on Brian's forthcoming 77 Million Paintings DVD by Louise Gray. "I had thought of calling it 77 Million Paintings And Not All Of Them Good," quips Brian. Should be released in September in the UK apparently.

Eno-related artist news: Roger Eno has a song download on his Myspace page, apparently a riposte to all those "we're going to win the Word Cup" anthems that traditionally tickle the bottom end of the charts during the summer. Not available for long though. Meanwhile, Leo Abrahams has a new album out, Scene Memory being the title. Thanks to Richard Mills and Leo.

"Yes, we all have our Keepers..."There's some Eno video over at YouTube, including this long-suppressed footage of Brian's ponytail in action. Brian has always been reticent about the pivotal role it played in his landmark albums of the time, and EnoWeb believes it is high time that the ponytail is given the recognition it so richly deserves.

Renzo sends this link to pics of the 77 Million Paintings installation in Milan.

Nenad Georgievski takes a look at My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts.

Finn writes: I recently completed a master's thesis linking the development of cellular automata and the science of simple programs with Eno, Steve Reich, and contemporary military strategy. I feel doubly obliged to send this to you because your archive was a fantastic help to me in tracking down interviews and magazine articles. As soon as I get the notes back from my advisor, I'll credit you in the text (one of the est. 3 skillion things I forgot to do). Thanks very much for this resource. The entire text, in rock-bangingly primitive HTML, is available here.

The Fahrenheit Twins, an audiobook of the novella by Michel Faber with music by Brian, is now available from Enoshop as a digital download (MP3 format). It was first released on a CD accompanying Prospect magazine. The Guardian on 10th July had a feature on it. Thanks to Lin Barkass.

As we all know, Brian finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home. However, on this occasion it's Milano. On July 13th at the Teatro dal Verme it looks as though there's a reading of The Fahrenheit Twins with Michel Faber and Brian. On another page there's info about the 77 Million Paintings installation. Thanks to Renzo & Bernd Kretschmar.

A report in the Guardian sugggests that Brian will be interviewed at the Serpentine Pavilion this year. The article also mentions "video displays" which makes EnoWeb speculate if this might be the venue for the UK leg of the 77 Million Paintings roadshow.

Brian premiered a piece called 'Like Running Away' at the Tom Phillips Cushion Concert at the Royal Academy on Saturday 8th July 2006. Thanks to Bernd Kretschmar & Richard Mills.

Renzo writes with details of Brian's 77 Million Paintings show in Venezia:

Inauguration 29th September - 12.00 - 20.00
from 30th September to 7th October 10.00 - 20.00
VENEZIA Arsenale - Spazio Cisterne

Richard Mills points out that Leo Abrahams has been discussing work on ballet music with Brian in Paris.

Brian was a "special guest" at Will Wright's Long Now seminar on Time on Monday 26th June 2006 at The Herbst Theater in San Francisco USA. EnoWeb looks forward to the release of Sim Eno in which Brian is chased around a maze by a group of ghosts -- and when they catch him, they make him re-join Roxy Music. It's not quite Game Over for Brian yet though: some sites report he's providing music for the Will Wright game Spore. (Thanks to Richard Joly).

UPDATE: The seminar is now available for download from the Long Now site.

PirouetteMustard recently made the random draw to identify the winner of the 77 Million CD, using a special tortoise dance of his own devising. There were 566 entries (excluding accidental multiple e-mails) showing very high interest in this album, and EnoWeb's thanks go to All Saints Records who provided the CD. The winner was Thierry Boitier of France, who responded: "I am very very happy. It is marvellous! The CD is splendid! I thank Enoweb, Tom Boon, Mustard the tortoise and of course Brian Eno... All my salutations and thank you again."

Renzo e-mails: Brian Eno will be in Milano in Italy for a 77 Million Paintings installation from 7th to 21st July, Triennale, Viale Alemagna 6, Milano [10.30-20.30 / Monday closed / free entrance]. The installation will be in Venice in September. EnoWeb adds: According to the All Saints site this is part of a rash of 77 Million installations spotted across Europe including a presence at the Big Chill Festival's Arts Trail.

The Bestival site says that Brian will be a special guest of Rachid Taha at the festival -- 8th, 9th or 10th September 2006, Isle of Wight, UK. (Thanks to Tony Ballinger & Alan Knight).

Brian's "plague of flies" music is apparently part of Artangel's Margate Exodus project due to begin on 30th September 2006. (Thanks to Dominic Norman-Taylor).

Brian has been in the press again.

WNYC's New Sounds programme features "Eno's audio landscapes, as both a producer - featuring his sound sculpting skills on Paul Simon's latest record, Surprise, Robert Fripp's Exposure, and a release from a star-studded EP by Fovea Hex - and as a solo artist in his own right with his latest release, Another Day On Earth (thanks to Kevin Dunnill).

Julian Lewis writes:

You've probably had a fair number of contributions on BE in the Abbey already & of course there are reviews online from the likes of the Guardian & Independent, but just in case you want more:

1) Second concert appreciably better than the first, not least because 2/2 from Music for Airports suffered some kind of technical malfunction in the first - as BE acknowledged (assume Radio 3 will either go with the second or stitch highlights from the pair together...)

2) The two new pieces - both based on poems and featuring spoken vocals from BE, but were otherwise quite different. The Airman began with skipping 'Another Day of Life'-style percussion, but influence of the Abbey organ & 40-strong Bath Camerata, plus repeated staccato "where we are" refrain from poem, turned it rather bombastic, IMHO. August 1914 prettier & also better, but not particularly memorable...

3) BE also contributed some sort of sound treatment via midi to four John Dowland lute pieces played on piano (at around 1/16 of originally composed speed) by Joanna MacGregor. Generally came out as somewhat bland pseudo-Harold Budd, but one piece (second of four) came out with a Frippertronic edge.

4) BE on chipper, even chirpy form: in the first concert, introduced Music for Airports as an attempt to turn an already "melancholy" evening into one of "pure misery". Also described the concert, with its very varied programme (Thomas Tallis to BE's latest) as an attempt to find "something for everyone to dislike". Explained that MfA wasn't even recorded live, so live performance would be fairly challenging, & mentioned that he had composed it before he understood "that you can make music without machines". Later, in a gap between pieces (some of which went straight into the next one, leaving audience in the pews unsure of how to respond) reassured audience that "you can applaud". Seemed genuinely appreciative of the other performers, especially the Camerata after their amazing 8-part Tallis 'Spem in Alium', & took repeated bows. But no encore...

5) 1/2 performed with little groups of Camerata singers being triggered into their beautifully sung "Aaahhhs" by CDs (presumably of the original MfA) played on little ghetto blasters.

6) This may have been the first occasion when a prayer over BE's performance was offered up formally - before each concert, Abbey vicar rather sweetly urged God to inspire "Brian and Joanna and the other performers"

7) BE performed sitting down at a desk of computery kit at same level as Macgregor's piano. Where she seemed to be suffering some sort of Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, he settled for Armani-ish grey suit, dark shirt done up to the neck & fairly sinister glasses - but only when 'playing'.

UPDATE: Richard Mills says: the CDs used by Bath Camarata were NOT of MfA. They were of temporal cues, in which long silences were broken by a tuning-fork-style note, which each group of singers had to reproduce en masse. The sound of each small group of singers situated in various parts of the Abbey, each singing their note at intervals dictated by the CD(s), helped to collage into the piece from MfA they were performing... so, not the music by Eno on the CDs, just a collection of notes at intervals for them to reproduce.

Soundcheck picure credit: Bernd Kretschmar

Richard Mills writes:

You will already know of the official Roger Eno website www.rogereno.co.uk launched 9 months ago. In the same 9 months, the MySpace phenomenon has been born. And so Roger has also adopted a MySpace page as his official MySpace as a place for people to hear his music, form a community and find new ways to be acquainted with the performances. At the MySpace page, you can hear music from his last four albums. Soon, it is hoped that unpublished music will be made available for download and the MySpace page, together with the official website, will have news of live appearances and blogs. If you are already a MySpace constituent (and even if you're not), visit Roger's page and please become a Friend.

The New York Times has an article about the consequences of having Thursday Afternoon on the jukebox. Registration or bugmenot required (thanks to Michael Poché, David Honigmann & PhilT).

Rory Walsh writes: I popped into the Royal Academy to see if there was anything to see at the summer exhibition whan I came across a flyer for the Cushion Concerts. On Saturday 8th July 2006 Tom Phillips is introducing a programme of 11 world premieres commissioned by him including works by Harrison Birtwistle, Michael Nyman and Brian Eno (I guess it is similar for the lecture he gave in Oxford earlier in the year - although I did not get to see it). The works are being performed by the Composers Ensemble. The listing does not mention Eno performing but the Flyer does...

One of the 24th May Bath concerts was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Thursday 1st June at 19:30 BST (GMT+1). One piece Brian premiered was a setting of a poem by Rick Holland, one of the projects he discussed in the 2003 Echoes features.

23rd May's Front Row finally included the interview with Scanner and part of his Bush of Ghosts remix. The full version can be heard at the Bush of Ghosts remix site, along with many others.

On Monday 29th May at 19:00 BST BBC Radio 2 is broadcasting The Record Producers: Tony Visconti which we imagine will have some coverage of the Bowie albums Brian worked on

Someone requested that non-Eno stories should be marked in some way so he could skip them. So here we go, red e. James Finnigan writes: Roger Eno and Plumbline will be appearing live at Tonic at 107 Norfolk Street between Delancey and Rivington Streets in Manhattan's Lower East Side this Wednesday May 24.

Chad Mars e-mails: i saw these cards on a design firms website. they appar to be pretty much a oblique strategies deck ripoff. EnoWeb says: Surely not! We believe they allow users to identify connections between issues and reveal innovation opportunities.

Dieter writes: ha ha ha -- i have always known it - great for both... Sean Hewitt writes: I know how you feel about this but there's an interview in today's Guardian... Paul Ramsay writes: Thought you might like to know there's an interview with Brian Eno in today's Guardian... David Firmin writes: I'm sure you've already seen this. It appears Eno is on new Roxy Music album...

Yup, EnoWeb is happy to apologise to you all and say we got it 100%, completely and utterly wrong. An interview in The Guardian states that Brian is involved in the new Roxy Music album, having written two songs and done some keyboardy stuff, and he popped into the studio for two days rather than one as we claimed. It still appears that he does not consider this makes him part of the group again, but EnoWeb suspects that's a nice distinction that will be lost on many of us. The interview also covers Brian's work on Paul Simon's Surprise and his upcoming concert in Bath.

Now if you'll excuse us we have to go and lie down in the centre of a giant pentangle, as various Roxy Music cultists have some unfinished business with us, hopefully not involving a live flame. But before we go there are a coupla other news items that we might as well include in this round-up.

Leo Abrahams (who will be part of Roxy Music's touring line-up this year) mentions working on "a project based on the Biblical plagues" with Brian.

Bernd Kretschmar e-mails: Browsing YouTube videos with "brian eno" keyed in I found all these entries. EnoWeb adds: Look out for some Roxy Music performances.

Edward Riboflavin says: Dear Enowebmasters, It has come to my attention that Art School Confidential, the new picture by Terry Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes, includes a delicious insult directed at Mr. Eno. In the art school depicted in the picture, the pretentious windbag who justifies his shoddy conceptual art with tired theoretical posturing is named "Eno"! What a hoot! EnoWeb says: We shan't bother to go and see the film as there don't appear to be any references to Roxy Music in it.

Tony Ballinger writes: Just dropping you a line to let you know that a new track by J. Peter Schwalm featuring Brian Eno is up on iTunes. It's called "No Order" and has Eno on vocals (and keyboards it sounds like).

EnoWeb adds: The link below may only work for the UK -- if it causes a problem, just search for "no orders - single" instead. In passing, we wonder why iTunes UK appears to believe that the majority of Brian Eno records, including this, are by "Brian Eno/David Byrne". Can't find anything about this track over at J. Peter's site, but there are references to an album called Musikain which features several guest vocalists on different tracks.

UPDATE: Conny Olivetti writes: It's not only in the uk that iTunes believe that all the eno albums are made by eno/byrne; in sweden it's the same I sent an e-mail to iTunes regarding this and we hope they correct it!

UPDATE 2: We hope you got a better response than EnoWeb did: "Dear Tom, Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store. We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the iTunes Music Store. To ensure your feedback is considered for possible product enhancements or additions to the iTunes Music Store, please visit the Feedback page at http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunes.html. Sincerely, Lee, The iTunes Music Store team." Nothing like actually making any reference to the point raised.

UPDATE 3: Waynoo says: Same problem on Itunes in Australia IE: eno/byrne sounds like a "Global" problem.

Npitts says: NPR's Song of the Day for May 17 2006 is "Everything About It Is a Love Song" by Paul Simon with Brian Eno. There's an audio stream of the full length track plus a review.

Lothar says: I just received a message from the John Cage "Silence" list, announcing a new DVD release with Merce Cunningham's Pond Way (Brian Eno) and Biped (Gavin Bryars).

Javier B Fernández enquires: Could you give me some information about this Eno's record: "Quiet Ambients Preceding Magnetic Storm - Brian Eno & Saint Martin".

EnoWeb: Someone else e-mailed us about this a few months ago. It consists of Part 1 and Part 2, mp3 tracks floating around the Internet. Are these tracks by Brian Eno? No. It appears that someone -- possibly the "Saint Martin" who has so generously given Brian joint billing -- thought that they would cobble together some samples from Apollo and Thursday Afternoon with other samples of rushing water, birdsong, rain, wind, Gregorian chants, thunder, tolling bells, electronica and Erik Satie using their ace chops and 1337 audio skillz... We're in "If you have a will to live, prepare to lose it now" territory. We imagine that something creative could possibly, maybe, perhaps, potentially, be done with all these components, but Quiet Ambients ain't it.

Maurice writes: Advantages of online phartmacies!

EnoWeb: That's not really the best start, is it...

Maurice: Do you value your money?

EnoWeb: At times like this, we always like to fall back on the words of that great philosopher Quarterfinal T. Hoarfrost, who wrote movingly: "This site is not for the faint of heart. Here all morals are thrown to the wind and man boldly steps where most dare not tread. The motto here is Moist and Feral. What happens goes is not your normal screw, instead hammer hard sex plays vacant of all holy. This is something for only the most hardy screw pro's and lust junkies. Burning, firm and extreme; and all in the best image and tone quality accessible. No where else will you get a like that; only here. Register Now right! Your Miriam." We hope that explains our view on the matter.

Canongate, the publisher that will be republishing Brian's souped-up 1995 diary A Year With Swollen Appendices sometime, has a new diary coming out from Brian for 2007, The Margin, but apparently it's one you have to fill in yourself. (Thanks to Gavin on the Nervenet list).

Magdalena Daly plugs: Ladies And Gentlemen: well I never. BEHOLD!! Fovea Hex ep2, HUGE, really *is* available as of 15 May!!!! as large as life and twice as intriguing...... [EnoWeb adds: this includes Brian on Keyboards and Percy Jones on Subaquatic Fretless Bass].

Scanner writes: BBC Radio 4's Front Row show has commissioned me to create some mixes out of the Bush of Ghosts material for broadcast week beginning 15 May. Most likely to be broadcast Weds or Thurs. I'll also be speaking about my experiences with the world of Eno, including hearing this record first play at a U2 concert at the Lyceum in London when I was a school boy :-)

UPDATE 1: The item will be broadcast on Tuesday 16 May.

UPDATE 2: Actually it wasn't, unless it was a remix of Cage's 4'33" played unobtrusively in the background of the other features -- sorry for misleading you. Best of three? Let's go for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, sometime between 19:15 and 19:45 BST (GMT+1) and available for a week thereafter for streaming anytime. EnoWeb. Precision Is Our Watchword™.

UPDATE 3: We're giving up this prediction business -- there's no future in it. The feature now looks likely to be broadcast on Monday 22 or Tuesday 23 May. Same time.

Talking of which, the Bush of Ghosts site's remix project is now running. Your first challenge, Brave Adventurer, is to navigate the eldritch passages of the site's Flash interface -- many have perished in the attempt and only the stout of heart will make it through. Then it's a simple task of downloading the tracks (381MB for "A Secret Life" and 882MB for "Help Me Somebody" if you go for the wav versions; if you click and no download happens, try ctrl-click instead), remixing and uploading to your (stout) heart's content, on a non-commercial basis of course.

Rory Walsh says: in June's Mojo Eno provides a quote on Scott Walker: "One of our great composers but a great poet as well. His lyrics are absolutely peerless". The appraisal of Walker is taken from a forthcoming documentary film Scott Walker: 30th Century Man.

Julian Lewis says: Sleepy old Bath has been whipped into a frenzy of anticipation by this week's news: the domed one's Abbey appearance the week after next will see him do some of Airports & two new pieces. Here's the Festival mail-shot sent today (somewhat corrected compared to Monday's press release):

'Music legend Brian Eno will perform two movements from his seminal album Music for Airports in his one-off concert at Bath Abbey on Wednesday 24 May. A genre-defining work, Music for Airports paved the way for modern ambient music and has only been performed live once before at Stansted Airport. He will also premiere two new works at the concert, "The Airman" and "August 1914", making the shows even more of a must-see for everyone, especially Eno fans.'

Enoweb adds: We believe that both performances are sold out, but BBC Radio 3 is recording at least part of the concert for future broadcast.

The Re-TROS album (on which Brian contributes to one track) has apparently been released. (Thanks to Stephan Decroo). Stephan also says that the Eno track used in the Merce Cunningham ballet Pond Way broadcast on Arte recently goes by the title of "NEW IKEBUKURO for 3 CD players (1998)".

Bill Janowski sends us some further information on Paul Simon's new album Surprise.

Benjamin W Schams asks: i have a question for you. A band called Sublime (american reggae band of the 90's) had these lyrics in a song titled "d.j.s": "caught the old man Eno with one pound bag o' tweak". I dont really know if you could possibly know whether or not they were referring to Brian Eno as the man in this song, but i thought it was very interesting and hoped that you could at least offer me some speculative answers.

EnoWeb: Nope, 'fraid not. Sorry.

What's next in the postbag? Ah, here we are. Jason Egan writes to say: I've been looking up this and that on your site for a few years now; a veritable trove of information that would otherwise be awfully difficult to find otherwise. However, what is this 'Code'? While some Roxy Music 'fans' may indeed exhibit some questionable behavioral traits and be worthy of a laugh, the Code business may indeed say a good deal more about 'your' target demographic. For a site that unquestionably seeks to provide information on Eno's artistic achievements it seems to have a rather obvious (not to mention dated) bias against Mr. Ferry, who's sonic collaborations with Eno whilst proving most interesting, seemingly warrant less content space than your 'Code'. Mmm...interesting. `Not.

EnoWeb: The Code is a work of serious academic value, exhaustively and scrupulously researched, with a portrayal of Brian Eno that has been described as "stunningly true to life", although admittedly that was by somebody who had never heard of him. As we said before, no doubt owing to the intervention of a Conspiracy that leads all the way to [deleted by EnoWeb's lawyers and attorneys] the book's entire print run was pulped prior to publication. (All, that is, apart from the copies that were burnt. And there was that copy found covered with black candle-wax at that murder scene that one time. But in general the point still stands.)

EnoWeb does not have a target demographic, any more than we have a bias against Roxy Music fans or Bryan Ferry. Mamouna? Terrific album. "I Thought"? Nice song. We always cover the collaborations; however, this is a single site, not the Internet, and we have to concentrate our flibbertigibbet grasshopper attention somewhere, rather than trying to cover all topics that might have a bearing on Brian Eno. There are sites that are dedicated to Roxy Music. There is an official site dedicated to Bryan Ferry. They do it far better than we ever could, delivering all the full-on Ferry action you could wish for -- and much more besides!!!

UPDATE: Jason responds: Your response is appreciated and duly noted; your sense of humour besides.

Matt Lovell states: i have been told by a friend of mine that brian eno released what is essentially a cd rom of music whereby every time you listened to it, the bars and other musical stuff (excuse my musical terminology!) would change and, although it was the same song, the sound would change slightly. just wondered if this was the case as i cant find anything about it and it would be something that it interesting to have.

EnoWeb: Your friend might be thinking of Brian's 3.5" floppy disk album Generative Music 1 created with SSEYO Koan software and released in 1995. You may be too young to remember floppy disks, but anyway. Unlike standard MIDI files, MP3s, Apple audio format etc, the music parameters in Koan pieces are not fixed -- instead, they follow vague or strict instructions as to what notes should be played, what effects you might have, the length of the piece and so on. From these seeds, non-identical versions of the track are generated each time it is played. Brian wrote the Generative Music 1 pieces to be played by the Soundblaster AWE PC sound card, which had special technical bits in it for shaping the sounds. Playing them using other sound hardware resulted in what one reviewer described as "Bontempi Hell". If you're too young to remember the AWE, over the years Creative Labs replaced it with the Live, Audigy and X-Fi soundcards which contained different hardware and there were no Windows XP drivers written for the AWE anyway. So unless you have an old 386/486 PC running Windows 3.11/95/98/ME with Soundblaster AWE fitted we do not recommend that you should try Generative Music 1. Koan itself is a different matter as you can use it with a range of PC/Mac sound hardware. SSEYO does not appear to be developing Koan actively at the moment and the last release was years ago. If you visit the SSEYO site you can find out some more about it though. The forthcoming 77 Million Paintings DVD-ROM (already available in Japan) contains loop-based generative audio which is different each time it is played, but the individual loops do not vary.

"I'm a fierce wild tortoise, I'm very fierce and wild," the tortoise sang.We know what you're wondering. Just why is Mustard looking so excited? The answer is that EnoWeb is running another prize draw. The prize, kindly donated by All Saints Records, is a copy of the 77 Million CD. This album was only available at Brian's installation at Laforet and was produced in a limited edition of 1000 numbered CDs plus around 50 that have a SAMPLE sticker instead of the number. This is one of the rare SAMPLE CDs -- no surprise, then, that Mustard can hardly rein in his enthusiasm!

77 MillionHow to take part: Simply send EnoWeb an e-mail using this special link before 26th May 2006 and include your name and address just in case you win.

Terms and conditions:

Please only enter this draw if you want to own the CD. It is a promotional item and not to be sold on eBay or anywhere else under any circumstances.

Only one entry will be accepted per person.

The first name picked at random after the closing date will win the CD.

The name, address and e-mail details you provide will only be used for this draw and will be deleted afterwards. EnoWeb will not pass them to third parties even if they ask very nicely.

The draw will be adjudicated by Mustard the Tortoise, or if he is indisposed, Tom.

The prize includes standard rate postage to wherever you live in the world. However, if the winner requires insured delivery we would expect them to pay for it.

Bob Pearce says: Here's a link to streams of four of the tracks from Paul Simon's forthcoming album, Surprise, which was produced by Brian Eno (and some of the tracks co-written by him, too).

Simon Davies e-mails: Just wanted to let you know about the fantastic service that All Saints Records gave me in replacing my Thursday Afternoon DVD . After seeing on your site what to do if I had one of the faulty discs , I emailed All Saints through their site , 5 days later a DVD arrives on my door mat . Very Impressive , No fuss , No hassle . I doubt many other Record Companies would be so easy to deal with .

DailyCD writes: Congratulations! Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror by Harold Budd & Brian Eno has been recognized as a DailyCD Official Selection.

EnoWeb: What an honour.

DailyCD: ... Unique in its diversity, the DailyCD Official Selection is determined by a team of experienced musicologists and music journalists...

EnoWeb: Just like EnoWeb! >cough<

DailyCD: ...who scour the best music from decades past to today's newest releases to highlight and celebrate great music and talented artists ... As a recipient of the DailyCD Official Selection, you are welcome to use the DailyCD Official Selection Logo (in conjunction with this album only) on your website and printed promotional materials including stickers, advertisments and other promotional items. If you have special needs, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to assist you.

EnoWeb: Most of our e-mail box is filled up with spam from people who think we have special needs of one sort or another, so we think we'll pass on your kind offer.

DailyCD: ... Congratulations again and thanks for being involved with this great album. It is albums like Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror that make listening to music truly worthwhile.

EnoWeb: No, really, thank you. Our massive involvement in the making of the album has rarely been recognised and it's about time we started getting the credit we deserve.

Tom Robinson broadcasts: Just a quick confirmation that my BBC 6 Music interview with Brian will now go out on Wednesday April 26 and a week later on Wednesday May 03 in the form of two hour-long installments at 7.30pm both evenings. EnoWeb adds: that's BST, GMT+1 and the programmes are usually archived on the site for a week afterwards for streaming at any time.

Alison Sully writes with more information on Brian's forthcoming appearance at the Bath International Music Festival: He's performing twice at Bath Abbey on 24th May at 7pm and 9pm, with Festival Director pianist Joanna MacGregor and local choir Bath Camerata. Should be an unforgettable evening and an absolute bargain to boot with tickets at £14 or £8.

Brian contributed to a Today programme feature on drummer Tony Allen on Tuesday 11th April. (Thanks to Nick Day)

All Saints says that the correct version of the 14 Video Paintings DVD is now available for European purchasers.

Time Out had an interview with Brian before last year's "Stop The War" concert.

There is a micro-site for the All Saints compilation Compounds + Elements with streaming of all the tracks in the corner.

Richard Joly turned up this Scoop review of Not One More Death. Currently the site doesn't appear to be serving it correctly though.

Marc Greuther writes: Concerning the indexing problem reported on UK copies of the Bush of Ghosts reissue: no such problem on a copy bought in Dearborn Michigan at a little after noon today. But, as one of your correspondents has reported, there is an uncomfortable edit in "Regiment" – at the 54-55 second mark according to my player – less of a skip (the rhythm appears to remain constant) – more of a hiccup. Other observations… Those additional vocals in "The Carrier" rather upset the tone of things (or is it just that I’m so used to the released version?); kid gloves for the glossy black CD booklet cover—it’s a magnet for greasy fingerprints. Otherwise no complaints. What a relief; tense business this buying-the-latest-Eno-reissue business, no?

Richard Joly also spotted this review from Eye and it loads.

"If you imagine I'm going to read through all that, you've got another think coming," said the tortoise. And he played a tune on his little flute.EnoWeb's recent draw -- run in association with All Saints Records -- received 448 entries (not counting the accidental multiple entries a few people sent in).

This took us aback a bit as we've always assumed the site's readership was about 35. To mark the occasion Mustard came out of hibernation specially to pick the names at random; first prize of the signed Mistaken Memories DVD goes to Peter Dervin and second prize of the Marconi Union album Distance goes to Alfred Kahler. Both are domiciled in the USA. Congratulations to them, commiserations to the rest of you. We hope to run a new draw soon.

Mark Alberding has some pictures from the 77 Million installation to go with his review some paragraphs down... Apparently all 1,000 of the 77 Million CDs were sold at the installation and there don't appear to be any plans to re-press. Before making big bids on eBay, it may be worth bearing in mind that a fair amount of the material previously appeared on The Drop, the CMAPT/Smart New Composers album and the Nile game. All Saints also has a photograph and says the 77 Million software DVD will be available later in the year.

UPDATE: Just to clarify on what's appeared elsewhere, 1. Never Stomp -- previously unreleased (Drop-style) 2. System Piano -- Rayonism from The Drop (different mix) 3. Bonk 12 -- previously unreleased (Drop-style) 4. Luxor Night Car -- Plot 180 from Passengers (different mix) 5. Targa Summer -- La-la-la from Smart (with a small extract from one of the Headcandy pieces and a bit of speech at the end) 6. Cold -- Iced World from The Drop 7. Little Slicer -- Out/Out from The Drop (different mix) 8. Surf Birds -- Background music from Words Spoken by Count Meketre / Thutmoses' Discovery of the Sphinx from Nile 9. Targa -- Long SQ/Short SQ from Smart underlying previously unreleased tracks and a loop from the Creation story from Nile.

Keith Cahoon writes: Former Yellow Magic Orchestra member Yukihiro Takahashi has just released his solo album Blue Moon Blue. It contains collaborations with Her Space Holiday, Marz, Steve Jansen, and a cover version of the Eno/Cale composition “Lay My Love”, which comes from their Wrong Way Up album.

Livio Nimmer e-mails: Just found a small reference to Mr. Eno in a blog about new documentary about Scott Walker. Seems that Mr. Eno appears in this film.

Hot stuff! A short extract from The Da Roxy Code is now available on EnoWeb. Eno watchers will recall that the book's entire print run was pulped before its release earlier this year due to its highly explosive and controversial claims -- which EnoWeb is obviously not going to repeat here. Even posting this online is obviously a risky action, but we believe people should have the right to make up their own minds. This fragment appears to be from the opening chapter.

The new site for My Life In The Bush of Ghosts is up, though the multitracks for remixing are still to be added. (Thanks to Mark, Pete Marsh, Bernd Kretzschmar). Johnny Black says that Back On The Tracks has a review.

On the same topic, bouquets and brickbats for the re-release.

Michael Staley writes: Just bought MLITBOG... how do they manage to never get it quite right. Firstly, the tracks have been indexed incorrectly, in that each track starts about two seconds after it should. This means that when, say, track 3 is fading, track 4 begins (at least according to the CD player). A minor point and fine if you're listening from beginning to end, but it does somewhat ruin their suggested idea of listening to the album in the original (unreleased) running order. Have a flick and hear for yourself (unless it's just my CD, which seems unlikely). [EnoWeb: Yup, the track marks do appear to be in the wrong place. This may only affect the UK version. You can't entirely listen in the original running order anyway as "Into The Spirit World" is not included.] Next thing, 57 seconds into "Regiment", it kinda jumps. Not the CD, you understand, but the music. The intro is longer than previously released and there's a funny edit. Once again, minor, but it made me think my CD was faulty. In fact, a few of the tracks are (a bit) longer than before with extra bits, most notably on "The Carrier". Finally, the packaging - as lovely as it is, I can't believe they didn't include the vocal credits, y'know, 'Unidentified indignant radio host' etc. Excerpts from the book (that they hadn't read), Toop and Byrne essays but no info on the vocal sources/samples! This can only be a mistake. Don't get me wrong, it sounds great! I don't just buy these things to pick holes...and I like the bonus tracks just fine ("Solo Guitar with Tin Foil" is very nice).

Kevin Eden opines: Brilliantly remastered, or was it remixed. Some of the stereo spectrum is different on some tracks. Some curiosities too:
- "Mea Culpa" is longer thatn the original version by 1.34
- "Regiment" is longer by 15 secs and sounds like its the version issued on the 12" single
- "The Carrier" is longer by 45secs and is actually the version that should have been released originally!!
all the other tracks are same.
The bonus tracks. 3 should have been on the original album. 2 of the rest to my ears are filler. 36 secs of voice outtakes. And I can't see how "Solo Guitar with Tin Foil" relates to anything they were trying to do. The booklet is great, loads of notes and pics etc. But the new artwork is awful. I loved the original sleeve of BE video shots and the only indication of it is a small reproduction of front of booklet. Sounds like I am griping. I'm not. I love it and think it's a great reissue. BUT I won't be getting rid of my original CD copy.

Brian will appear on The Culture Show on Thursday 6th April, 19:00 BST, BBC2 to talk about "his latest artistic venture, a piece of audio-visual software called 77 Million Paintings". There is a repeat at 23:20. The Culture Show often includes extracts & full features on its web page, so it might be worth keeping an eye out after the broadcast date. We've been advised that this material is probably only available to UK television licence payers though. Brian also made contributions to the show's feature on Scott Walker a week earlier.

Stephan Decroo turned up an interview with Brian about the 77 Million installation. He also sent a tracklisting for the 77 Million CD: 1. Never Stomp -- 2. System Piano -- 3. Bonk 12 -- 4. Luxor Night Car -- 5. Targa Summer -- 6. Cold -- 7. Little Slicer -- 8. Surf Birds -- 9. Targa. Mark Alberding also posted his thoughts on the CD to Nerve Net.

Nick Day writes: Brian is appearing at this year's Bath International Music Festival. According to the brochure (the details will be on the web-site soon), "Joanna MacGregor and Brian Eno with Bath Camerata". To be recorded by Radio 3. Brian's bit is Dowland/Eno/MacGregor: Lute Pieces. "The aim is to 'play' the acoustics of Bath Abbey...". Tickets £8 and £14, unreserved seating.

Mark Alberding writes:

I attended the opening day (3/24) of 77 Million - An Audio Visual Installation By Brian Eno at Laforet Museum in Harajuku. Here's a short description...

There are three interconnected rooms, each containing different configurations of screens displaying images generated by the 77 Million program with soundtracks that could fairly be described as "typical Eno installation music".

The first room has subdued lighting sufficient to view a few cibachrome prints, presumably printed from the electronic artwork, interspersed amongst the variously sized screens. The second room is darker, has more screens and a very large video projection screen showing the images. The third room is completely dark and has a wall of different sized screens arranged in a pyramid shape and set above a mirrored floor. This room has benches so you can sit down and watch the images unfold, which they do v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

In fact, when you first enter the first room it isn't very obvious that the images are changing, so slow and subtle is their movement. Eventually, with more concentration on single screens and a slowed down approach to viewing the artwork, the gradual transformations of the images becomes apparent. The overall effect is very meditative and truly illustrates, as Eno writes in the program notes (on the wall) that "TV is the movement of light in time." Sitting for some time in front of the pyramidal wall of monitors in the third room was deeply relaxing yet stimulating at the same time, if that doesn't seem to contradictory...

A special limited edition CD (numbered edition of 1000) is available at the museum. Also, the 77 Million Paintings program is for sale in advance of the 4/29 official release. I bought a copy and installed it on my PC. The program creates video/audio in the style of the installation in a generative fashion, i.e. the video and audio combinations never repeat, with 77 million being the number of possible permutations generated. I haven't had time yet to watch it much but it seems to work fine. The audio is generative for PCs and G5 Macs but not for G4s due to processing limitations, according to the liner notes.

March 16th saw the launch of Not One More Death, a book of essays condemning the war in Iraq. It includes pieces by Brian, Richard Dawkins, John le Carré and others and is £5 including postage from Stop The War. Also available from Enoshop (not sure about the postage issue) and Amazon (postage extra). (Thanks to David Whittaker, Nick Albergati, Michael Staley).

Michael Staley also points out that the DVD of the Stop The War concert with Rachid Taha, Brian and others is listed here:

May 8 is the release date for Paul Simon's new album, Surprise, produced by Brian (thanks to Bill Janowski, Radiocitizen & Stephen Brydon).

Lifehacker looks at Music For Airports (thanks to Bill Janowski).

Discipline Global Mobile will soon be selling previously unreleased Fripp & Eno. (Thanks to Michael Poché, Microbunny, John Walliser, Michael Flaherty).

The Metamatic newsletter reports that Ultravox's early albums will be remastered and re-released with bonus tracks later this year, including the Eno-produced Ultravox!

Magdalena Daly e-mails: We are very happy to say that EP 2 of the Fovea Hex series, HUGE, has now been completed, and is presently being multiplied in order to go forth. Produced by Colin Potter and Clodagh Simonds, it features Roger Doyle, Brian Eno, Laura Sheeran, Carter Burwell, Percy Jones, Lydia Sasse, Sarah McQuaid and Hugh O'Neill. A limited edition bonus cd The Discussion, formed from material supplied by Percy Jones, has also been completed by Andrew Mckenzie. Our release date is tentatively scheduled for early April, and we'll be issuing a full press release closer to the time. On the website now, you can hear an excerpt from "While You're Away".

NME.com reported Ananova.com's story that Roxy Music had reformed with Brian Eno in the line-up. This untrue and just in-good-faith wishful thinking from the journalists -- Brian has no involvement with the band's current recording or tour plans. All that happened was that Brian popped in to visit the members of the group when they were in the studio. Hearing of this, some journalist somewhere decided that it is a truth universally acknowledged that a solo artist in possession of a fine career must be in want of tinsel jackets, peacock feathers, ego clashes, laundry ruminations and everything else that goes with rejoining a band he left 33 years ago. Great oak false rumours from tiny fact acorns grow...

UPDATE: Credit where credit is due, Ananova corrected its story with impressive speed -- they clearly care about accuracy. Tom was subsequently surprised to see his words splashed across several music news sites. EnoWeb says: How is it that a non-story about something not happening can count as news? In the recent past, Brian has appeared on Phil Manzanera's albums and contributed to Bryan Ferry's Mamouna & Frantic, but it's doubtful whether anyone would say that made him a member of their bands. Or even their bitch. For goodness' sake, why not view Brian's single studio visit a few months back in the same light? He's been visiting Japan recently, does that mean he's a member of Japan now? [Note to any journalists who may be reading: No.] What is this obsession with Brian rejoining Roxy Music anyway? Is there some conspiracy we should know about? [Another note: This is NOT a cue for "Fan site attacks Roxy Music Conspiracy" type stories.]

Mixing It recently played "Number 8 Mix" from MLITBOG.

Talking of which, Kevin Eden sent the following write-up from the Spin site: "...Overseen personally by Brian Eno and David Byrne, this new version has been remastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound (Interpol / Kings Of Leon) and features seven previously unreleased bonus tracks of outtakes and ideas from the album's original sessions from 1979 and 1980. The enhanced CD also includes Bruce Conner's film to "Mea Culpa". The packaging differs from all previous Eno reissues – a jewel case within a slipcase, plus very special added extras. The slipcase and artwork have been designed by Peter Buchanan Smith (Wilco’s A Ghost Is Born), and 28 pages of sleevenotes have been provided by David Toop and David Byrne."

Nothing to do with Brian, but Phil Manzanera appeared on Jonathan Ross' programme with David Gilmour to play tracks from the latter's new album.

Radiocitizen writes: This link is to a page for the 2005 black-and-white short (7 minutes in length) called Blanca & Negro, directed by Martín Mainoli. The music is credited to Brian Eno and Buckethead. Does anyone know anything about what Brian did for the film?

Nothing to do with Brian, but Richard Mills says Roger Eno has a new album out, a collaboration with Will Thomas (aka Plumbline) entitled Transparencies. "The duo attempted many exciting recording techniques to get interesting aural qualities: many sounds and melodies were recorded in buildings, churches and Roger's living room in the English countryside of Suffolk, before Will took them back to New York to tweak, manipulate and expand into full tracks. Roger plays harmonium, piano, organ and accordion and Will provides signature rhythms and tones." EnoWeb says: It's a far more upbeat release than many of Roger's recent albums, with dodgy-connection-crackle / skipping CD type electronic percussion.

Tony Fisher has returned from his loft with two more pics from the Another Green World recording sessions... click below for larger versions.

Song names

David Davis mews: Dear EnoWeb, treading a fine line between a news item and a blatant plug, just to let you and your readers know of a live version of Eno & Manzanera's wonderful song "The True Wheel", available to download from iTunesUK. A rather rawkus, raw and - dare I say it - completely ahine version of the song, it was performed by somewhat obscure Feline Half-Cat End-of-the-Pier Roadshow, quite literally live on Eastbourne Pier, on Midsummer's Night, 1997. And dammit, for only 79p it's gotta be good value. (And certainly 79 times more likely than Eno ever singing the song on Eastbourne Pier himself. Or anywhere else, in the foreseeable future, for that matter).

In even more nothing-to-do-with-Eno news, Kelvin L Smith points out that the Samadhisound site now has some poetry and drawings by Harold Budd, and Biosphere's site has several tracks available for download.

14 Video PaintingsTime for one of EnoWeb's occasional free draws! Thanks to our friends at All Saints Records we have a copy of 14 Video Paintings (Region 2 PAL) to give away, signed by Brian Eno. The sig on the image has been pixelated just in case someone nicks his cheque-book and tries to use it for reference. There's also a second prize of Marconi Union's excellent ambient/electronica album, Distance.

The draw is now closed.

Terms and conditions:

Please only enter this draw if you want to own one of the prizes. The prizes are promotional items and are not to be sold on eBay or anywhere else under any circumstances.

Only one entry will be accepted per person.

The first name picked at random after the closing date will win the signed DVD and the second name picked at random will win the CD.

The name, address and e-mail details you provide will only be used for this draw and will be deleted afterwards. EnoWeb will not pass them to third parties even if they ask very nicely.

The draw will be adjudicated by Mustard the Tortoise, or if he is indisposed, Tom.

The prize includes standard rate postage to wherever you live in the world. However, if the winner requires insured delivery we would expect them to pay for it.

Coverage of the 28th March re-release of My Life In The Bush of Ghosts is increasing. Sid Smith has a review, Bill Janowski e-mails a Billboard page link with more details, Mark Alberding offers a page for our Japanese visitors (click the album cover for CD details) and Smitty in Chicago sends the Nerve Net mailing list a link to NPR's All Songs Considered which includes "Defiant", one of the previously unreleased tracks. The NPR stream also says that there will be a web-site to support the album which will give visitors the opportunity to make their own mixes of MLITBOG and upload them.

As we're writing about Eno & Byrne, this listing on Yahoo! Auctions caught EnoWeb's eye. It suggests that the musicians may be aiming for a rather less frenetic follow-up to their previous album.

Ten years on from the release of Generative Music 1 (and ?? months away from the launch of the generative artwork 77 Million Pictures) Peter Van Cooten takes a look back at Brian's floppy-only Sseyo Koan release. A little further down his page you can also hear some of ambient maestro Kelvin L Smith's recent album The Dreaming Mind.

If you're planning to buy the UK/Europe version of 14 Video Paintings, it's probably best to put off your purchase for a few weeks, as there is apparently a mastering error on it that puts the Thursday Afternoon soundtrack on one of the orientations of Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan. All Saints will be offering replacements for any DVDs that have already made it out there, and EnoWeb will post more information when it becomes available.

One of our Google searches turned up some news on a new compilation from All Saints, Compounds & Elements.

Tom Robinson's interview with Brian will probably split into two hour-long features and broadcast during March. Or maybe April now. (Thanks to Tom Robinson!)

Brian's LetterOn Saturday 28th January 2006 a letter from Brian appeared in The Independent. He was responding to an article by columnist Howard Jacobson who was responding to a 2-part television series by Richard Dawkins, Root Of All Evil? in which Dawkins responded to the existence of religion. The scan on the right shows how Brian responded.

There will be an installation of Brian's 77 Million Paintings at La Foret Museum, Harajuku, Japan, from Friday 24th March to Monday 3rd April 2006. At the link you can see a pic of Brian in front of one of them, probably titled Journey To Bagel or Doughnut Go Gentle Into That Dark Night or something. (Spotted by Bernd Kretschmar and Stephan Decroo.)

Jessye NormanStephan Decroo also writes to tell us of an Arte documentary on Jessye Norman for which Brian dabbled in Stage-Crafte. Stephan nabbed us some screen-grabs too.

Paul Ramsay writes: Rather nice page at Intuitive Music re: 30th Anniversary of Warm Jets plus a pic of Bri I haven't seen before. EnoWeb says: Not even in EnoWeb's gallery?

Kevin Dunnill and Mij Munyum point out that Charles Amirkhanian's KPFA interview with Brian (which we reported on in 2004) is now available as downloadable MP3/WAV at the Internet Archive, rather than the original streaming MP3 format. Wonder if they'll ever get around to posting the follow-up interview where Brian discussed The Plateaux of Mirror?

Gary Scott and Kevin Eden see that Holger Czukay will be playing at a concert in Paris sometime in 2006 in Brian's honour.

Kevin Eden also says: Just got the first 4 Talking Heads remasters with bonus tracks. The BE produced ones have some nice alternative versions and Remain in Light has 4 outtakes with BE warbling away on one quite clearly. The main thing though is the sound compared to the original editions. Found myself sitting up in places staggered at some of the clarity.

Mirror UniverseTony Fisher e-mails: a few images remain from a greenstudent days in 1975 when I was privileged to sit in one day at Basing Street Studios on Eno's masterpiece. I had no flash as a poor and inexperienced student... but grainy images of tape boxes of tracks titles that never made the album. This was in colour but the slide faded to purple. I use an old set of OStrat in my work.

"Hey, Garry Bradbury here, someone told me that they got a copy of my last album to you."
This is unlikely. EnoWeb has no correspondence address and does not know any vague someones.
"It's called RUFFINI CORPUSCLE and has some elaborate collaged cover."
Some cover -- that sounds rather vague too. Is it true, then? Our universe an illusion peopled merely by spectres and phantasms, as Raith Tenement wrote?
"Anyway I hope you did get it and enjoyed it."
So you aren't taking your close personal friend Someone's word for it? EnoWeb thinks they would be very hurt by your doubting nature.
"I read an interview with you lately and you recommended THE BOOKS. Oh yes, tell me about it. Aren't they delicious! Cheer up sausage."
EnoWeb does not give interviews, as it is frequently rendered speechless by e-mailers who are incapable of believing that the advice on the "Contacting Eno" page applies to them, and incapable of understanding the sentences on the e-mail page, "We've said it before, and we'll say it again: if you want to send a message to Brian Eno, please do not send it to EnoWeb. Brian has no association with this site, and we have no way of passing messages on to him." Still, Garry's promise that this is his final album means that he at least will not be wasting EnoWeb's time again anytime soon. Our messages are simple: Be creative! Make your art as good as you can! Just leave us out of it!

This week's prize for Junk E-mail Header With The Most Unfortunate Random Word goes to Viagra peddlar Marshall Dixon (Customer Service Team), who enthuses: Don't end your relationship prematurely. diehard. Apparently not only will that stuff kill ya, but your funeral will be a pretty embarrassing occasion for your nearest and dearest as well.

You experienced the thrill of 14 Pictures, the subtitle of Before and After Science. You reached new paroxysms of stimulation watching the no-holds-barred action-fest that was the 14 Video Paintings DVD. Now you're asking yourself, "How can I get my next fix of Eno-style visual stimulation?" Well, it appears that Brian Eno has the answer -- and this time it's not just a one and a four he's talking about. Nope, he's going slightly higher than the number 14. How much higher? Uhm... how can EnoWeb put this, other by quoting the name of the Eno meisterwerk? 77 Million Paintings.

From what we can make out, this is a piece of software that will effectively enable you to run an Eno art installation in the comfort of your own home. Whereas Brian's art gallery installations generally use the latest high-tech slide projector technology to superimpose several different images on a screen -- thus creating new, unpredictable and unpredicted image combinations -- this product will do the job electronically.

No idea yet when this will be released, but if you'd like to know more, pop over to the EnoWeb Annexe and download a RealVideo file of the Press Kit (10Mb) or gawp at a few screen-grabs. (Thanks to Dominic Norman-Taylor).

At long last there is a new date for the re-release of My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. As David Byrne said in an interview a while back it includes bonus tracks -- either on a Side 3 of the vinyl or on the CD. (Thanks to Stephan Decroo, Richard Eno, Michael Flaherty, Gary Scott

Gary Scott also points out: Amazon.co.uk gives the UK release date for the Brian Eno - 14 Video Paintings DVD as Feb 6th. They also say that the new version of A Year with Swollen Appendices will not be out till November now!

This pink symbol signifies a response to an e-mail sent to EnoWeb, if we think other visitors would find the response useful, or (as in this case) we accidentally delete an enquiry as Spam before answering. Somebody wanted to know why EnoWeb doesn't have samples of Brian's albums so that they can listen and find out if they like them.

The answer is simple. There is a well-known saying: With Great Power Comes Great Laziness. Other sites do the job far better than we could, so why bother? You can find samples on amazon.com or co.uk, iTunes, enoshop.co.uk and (sometimes) by typing in Brian Eno at www.pandora.com. Also we don't have the rights to provide samples and you know how litigious the record labels are. And as Hyperreal is kind enough to offer this space pro bono, it's best if we are well-behaved house-guests, always wipe our feet and try not to cause any bandwidth issues.

Rich Eno (no relation) says: Tom Robinson from BBC 6 Music did an exclusive interview with the Brain One last Monday so check out his website for details of that coming up soon.

He's football crazy! He's football mad! Nevertheless it appears that Brian's contribution to the World Cup Opening Ceremony -- along with the rest of the ceremony -- has hit the post and will no longer be happening. Potential damage to the pitch, rising costs and low ticket sales have been variously blamed. (Thanks to Jan R.)

Briefly emerging from hibernation to sniff the breeze and toast the start of EnoWeb's thirteenth year, site founder Malcolm says:

Robert Fripp, following in Eno's foosteps of making sounds for Windows 95, was recently seen in Redmond Washington at the Microsoft campus recording some sounds for Vista, the next version of Windows.

Some nice thoughtful Fripp fan, apparently unaware of Fripp's wrath and his detesting bootlegs, was kind enough video tape part of the private session on a cell phone or something like that. And to publish this online. Surely heads will roll, or government investigations into Payola promoting operating system sound effects will soon follow.

This factoid seems to have been leaked to major media, no doubt in some liberal plot greased directly by Payola from Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer, and was cited in such exciting publications as Information Week and USA Today. Desktop Pipeline, in an article headed "Microsoft Hires Rocker to Record Windows Vista Sounds", sums it up with the subtle ode to Fripp's respect in the media's eyes with "From a rocker perspective, it [hiring Fripp] does show the age of some of the people working on this project."

USA Today seems a little more optimistic, or showing their age even more depending on how you look at it, quips " Windows Vista may be getting some trippy sounds from Robert Fripp."

Brian's Windows 95 startup sound is mentioned towards the end of the video stream, when the commentator explains that "there's a whole segment [of the audio] that that is at least inspired by, if not related to, the Windows 95 theme".

The Jacket has now been released on DVD in Germany (Thanks to Sebastian Böcking). This gives us the opportunity to repeat the answer we've been sending to many e-mailers over recent months.

There is no soundtrack album available. Most of the music from the film is not available on CD and so titles are unknown. I think the music is licensed to Warner Independent and so it would be up to them if it was to be released; certainly Brian's company Opal is aware there is a lot of interest in the music.

For the record, a little of the music has been released: the track at the start of the film (Gulf War section) is "Fleeting Smile" by Roger Eno (Brian's brother), available on the album Music For Films III (All Saints Records/Hannnibal/Ryko label). There are also excerpts from "Going Unconscious" from the album Another Day On Earth and an alternate mix of "The Demon Of The Mines" (from the Japanese edition of Another Day On Earth). One of the tracks over the closing credits is by The Jane Does. I think most people are after the piece of music that recurs through the film and might be thought of as the "love theme", and that hasn't been released.

As an Eno fan, you may well be familiar with the concept that "Energy Fools The Magician". Nowhere is this more evident in today's world than The Daily Mirror where a magician chosen at random (in this instance one B. Eno) is quoted as saying: "Most people don't know - in fact I didn't know until they told me - that you can change your energy provider."

Michael Savage e-mails: Just wanted to point you to a link with some wonderful photos of one of Eno's light installations. Clicking on the various shots opens more (oh boy). Scroll down to "Crystal World - Eno Raum" and click on the photo.

Daniel Land says: Looking in vain for something else entirely, I stumbled across what appears to be a forthcoming biography of Brian by David Sheppard, On Some Faraway Beach. In addition to Amazon's listing, Blackwell has the following paragraph:

Author Biography: Eno's life story has never been told. Plenty of sex, drugs and ambient music. Features interviews with all his top collaborators over the years: from David Bowie and Bryan Ferry, to David Byrne and Damien Hirst - Eno's vast address book is at David Sheppard's disposal. Eno's 1995 diary, A Year With Swollen Appendices, sold over 20,000 copies and is being reissued in January 06. Eno is a busy man, but will help promote.

Herb Theriault e-mails: Disquiet.com has posted the transcript of a virtual round table held to discuss Thursday Afternoon on it's 20th anniversary. It's an interesting read. It's certainly the first time I've seen any of Eno's work compared to Andy Goldsworthy's art.

And that's enough for one update, though EnoWeb still has a backlog of information to post. More soon!


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