In 2010 Brian Eno signed to Warp Records. Warp promoted the launch of Small Craft on a Milk Sea – Eno's first album for the label – with seven music videos, released on a weekly basis in the run-up to the release. The videos were hosted on different media sites around the world. In time, most of the links broke and the information on the campaign was wiped from Warp's site. EnoWeb thought it might be nice to have a permanent record of the project. Links are to the remaining two original locations, and Edmund Emile Kemper IV's archives on YouTube.

Seven performances in seven weeks. New improvised compositions from Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams, filmed in Eno's own London studio. A unique insight into the making of Small Craft on a Milk Sea.


Instant Nuclear Family1. Instant Nuclear Family

YouTube [originally on RockinOns website RO69 (Japan)]



Instant Nuclear Family2. Signal Success

New York Times



Instant Nuclear Family3. Written Forgotten Remembered

The Guardian



Allen Loop4. Allen Loop

YouTube [originally on and The Vine (Australia)]



Abdominal Crisis5. Abdominal Crisis

YouTube [originally on Les inRocks (France)]



Big Thief Trudge6. Big Thief Trudge

YouTube [originally on Spex (Germany)]



Instant Nuclear Family (Extended Version)7. Instant Nuclear Family (Extended Version)

YouTube [originally on Wired (Italy)]



The Dick Flash interviewAdditional publicity

The launch of Small Craft on a Milk Sea was also supported with The Dick Flash interview at Vimeo and YouTube.


It's also worth mentioning here that Warp released a short video of rehearsals for the Eno • Hyde Someday World album in 2014. Again, this has disappeared from the Eno • Hyde site.