Simply divine. Yes, you can simply divine the meaning of the Oblique Strategy cards by taking a look at the most comprehensive guide that we know of, at Gregory Taylor's wonderful dedicated Oblique Strategies site. Gregory has the complete text of editions 1-4 of the cards, scans, descriptions, history and commentary.

In a chat with garageband (a short-lived online music community site) in September 02000, Brian said: "I still like Oblique Strategies, and I still keep adding to them. And I am planning soon to publish the fifth version of them." It came to pass that a mere 15 months later the Fifth Edition of the Oblique Strategies was unleashed upon an expectant world and made available for purchase direct from Opal at Enoshop.

There was also a very limited Sixth Edition in a burgundy box. Tom claims he has an unboxing video here:

Earlier editions of the Oblique Strategies decks frequently appear at auction at places such as eBay. Prices are generally ridiculous (for buyers) and strangely pleasing (for sellers).

An Internet search will turn up websites offering Oblique Strategies, and app versions are available for your mobile device – see your App Store. EnoWeb is pleased to bring you David Ray's venerable online javascript-based Oblique Strategies chooser.