Links pages were all the rage in the ragtime era of the early Internet, pointing visitors to content that they might never have encountered otherwise. These days we have accurate search engines and Facebook bubbles, so we never have to look further afield. Nevertheless, here are some sites that might be worth your time.

Official Brian Eno Pages – operated by Brian's label Warp Records; tends only to feature the very latest album release

Brian Eno Facebook page – operated by Brian's label Warp Records; occasionally has postings by Brian

Warp Records' Brian Eno web page

All Saints Records Facebook page – the label for some of Eno's 1990s output, along with other Ambient artists

EnoShop – operated on behalf of Opal, Eno's company; the source for Oblique Strategies decks and installation music

Lumen London – the company for Eno's installations – for apps by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers

Paul Stolper -- a gallery representing Brian Eno's art


More Dark Than Shark – Radiocitizen's Brian Eno site

More Dark Than Shark Facebook Page – set up by Radiocitizen, but currently only updated by EnoWeb when time permits owing to a Facebook issue

Brian Eno Before And After Ambient Facebook Group

Brian Eno Facebook Group

University of Ambience on YouTube – an academic institution that enlightens students about the thinking of Brian Eno and associated artists, through radio and video interviews plus rarities


The Long Now Foundation – dedicated to long-term thinking

DiEM25 – Brian is on the board of the Democracy in Europe Movement

Roger Eno

Harold Budd

Robert Fripp

Peter Schmidt

Russell Mills

Peter Chilvers

Rick Holland

Peter Serafinowicz

J. Peter Schwalm

David Byrne

David Bowie


Intermorphic – the evolution of generative software used by Brian in the 1990s


Marconi Union

Vanilla Beer – artist

Big Finish – creators of audio adventures for Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Survivors, The Prisoner, and more

Adam Buxton – comedian, broadcaster and podcaster

Stephen Fry

Thomas Dolby

Neil Gaiman

Manafonistas – eclectic music blog

Palimpsest2011 – Tom takes on scamming cold-callers