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Forever VoicelessNetflix will be marking the fifth and final season of Top Boy with the release of an album of Brian Eno's music for the series on 1st and 29th September. Eno has provided music for all five seasons of the show right from the start when it was launched on Channel 4 (since rebranded as Top Boy: Summerhouse by Netflix to differentiate it from their production of seasons 3–5). Apart from two tracks included on Film Music 1976–2020 this will be the premiere release for the music, and it also includes two "Cutting Room" tracks that didn't make it to the television show.

As is traditional in this day and age, Eno's Top Boy album will be available in a variety of formats: digital (1st Sept), Compact Disc and vinyl (29th Sept): a "Brian Eno exclusive edition" of 500 copies in the form of silver coloured 180 gram audiophile 2xLP in heavyweight gatefold sleeve from EnoShop and AtTheMoviesShop, and (numerically unspecified) limited edition clear vinyl with the same specs from EnoShop and The Sound Of Vinyl. Track 4, Cutting Room I, has been released as a single; to EnoWeb's ears it shares some DNA with the track Distributed Being from the 1992 album Nerve Net.

Track listing:

Top Boy Theme
But Not This Way
Damp Bones
Cutting Room I
Floating On Sleep's Shore
Beauty and Danger
Beneath The Sea
Afraid Of Things
Waiting In Darkness
The Fountain King
Washed Away In Morocco
Watching The Watcher
Sweet Dark Section
Sky Blue Alert
Delirious Circle
Cutting Room II
Dangerous Landscape
The Good Fight

Brian said:

"From the beginning of Top Boy, I was given the freedom to work in the way I prefer: making music and atmospheres, and then giving it to the film-makers to use as they saw fit. I try to absorb the idea of what a piece is about – and from that I produce a lot of music, and say 'Here it is. Use it as you wish.' If you'd been scoring it in the conventional Hollywood way, the temptation would be to up the excitement factor... up the danger factor... all the time. But Top Boy is really about children in a pretty bad situation. So I explored the internal world of the children, not just what's happening to them in the external world. Quite a lot of the music was deliberately naive, it was sort of simple. The melodies were simple, not really sophisticated, or grown-up."

Light work

There are still a few days left to see some of Brian Eno's lightboxes paired with light strip works by Dan Flavin at Paul Stolper Gallery, 31 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH. The show closes on 25th August. The lightboxes are silent but music is provided by a Speaker Flowers piece called Filopendula.

While you're reading about Art, apparently you can have a Night With Brian at the Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Republic) from 18th to 19th August (he's not there, it's just an opportunity to enjoy an ambient sleepover).

And booking is now open for the Gary Hustwit/Brendan Dawes piece Nothing Can Ever Be The Same in Venice in October.

Atmos no fear

A number of Brian's albums have been re-released digitally in Dolby Atmos (available via Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited). EnoWeb was initially sceptical about whether this would make much difference on headphones, but it really does: individual song components seem to have more space to breathe and the overall impression is a bit like looking through a window that's just been cleaned after rather too long. We probably prefer the density of the original "Big Ship" to the Atmos version though. The Atmos'd albums include Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World (where the difference is quite striking), and the Warp albums (though not the Eno • Hyde ones).

Eno's newsletter quoted him saying:

"What’s interesting about 3D music is the possibility of making an immersive space which is capable of sustaining much more detail than a 2 dimensional space (such as that presented by stereo listening). Our ears aren’t as directional as our eyes, but they are still capable of locating sounds in space, and listening in 3 dimensions this becomes a whole new compositional possibility. It allows a listener the experience of 'exploring' the musical space in much more intricate ways. It’s the step from 2-dimensional sound-painting to 3-dimensional sound-sculpting."



NEWS UPDATE: 5TH June 2023

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Following the premiere of 'Ships' at La Biennale di Venezia on 21st October, Brian and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic will embark on a concert tour, visiting Berlin, Paris, Utrecht and London. It will be Eno's first tour as a solo artist since his truncated outings with The Winkies at the very start of his career, and his first performance with an orchestra since singing at the Brighton Festival in 2010 with the Icebreaker ensemble, though the precedent was set with a spoken word performance alongside the Metropole Orkest in 1999. 'Ships' is a new commission featuring an orchestral adaptation of the 2016 album, The Ship, plus new and classic Eno pieces. Eno will be performing together with the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, orchestrated and conducted by Kristjan Järvi. The performance also features a cameo appearance from the actor Peter Serafinowicz as well as support from long-time collaborators, guitarist Leo Abrahams (who performed in Eno's last major tour with J. Peter Schwalm just over 20 years ago), and programmer / keyboardist Peter Chilvers.

The  award-winning Baltic Sea Philharmonic is a distinctive ensemble where musicians perform entirely from memory whilst standing, transcending the traditional orchestra experience with this powerful and unique execution. Baltic Sea Philharmonic are led by their charismatic founder, Kristjän Jarvi, known for dynamic interpretations of commissions such as the acclaimed German TV series ‘Babylon Berlin’. A community of musicians from ten Nordic countries, they symbolise unity in this historically divided region and have been praised by Angela Merkel for “embody(ing) international understanding; they use music as a timeless language that can be understood across borders”.

Brian said:

"The album THE SHIP is an unusual piece in that it uses voice but doesn't particularly rely on the song form. It's an atmosphere with occasional characters drifting through it, characters lost in the vague space made by the music. There's a sense of wartime in the background, and a sense of inevitability. There is also a sense of scale which suits an orchestra, and a sense of many people working together.

I wanted an orchestra which played music the way I would like to play music: from the heart rather than just from the score. I wanted the players to be young and fresh and enthusiastic. When I first saw the Baltic Sea Philharmonic I found all that... and then noticed they were named after a sea. That sealed it!"

Kristjan Järvi said:

"Brian is a great artist who has been an immense personal inspiration for a good part of my life. Now to be presented with an opportunity where we work on the presentation of a piece that reflects and shapes the world that we live in, is very meaningful and truly an honour.

The freedom of expression is the key element in this presentation. Every person in this performance is just as important as the next. Everyone matters equally as much as the other and is not replaceable or expendable. To have an orchestra that is really a band rather than an orchestra which executes a performance but 'is the performance' itself is what Brian and I see as the uniqueness of this collaboration."

Tickets go on sale on 8th June.
21st October, Venice, Italy: Venice Biennale Musica, Teatro la Fenice (3pm & 8pm) tickets
24th October, Berlin, Germany: Philharmonie Berlin tickets
26th October, Paris, France: La Seine Musicale venue pre-sale / tickets
28th October, Utrecht, The Netherlands: TivoliVredenburg pre-sale / tickets
30th October, London, UK: Royal Festival Hall, Southbank (6.30 & 9pm) tickets


A new version of Brian's Face to Face generative video artwork (with new many new source faces) is showing at Fanny Mikey del Centro Nacional de las Artes (CNA), Bogotá, Colombia, until 20th July.


Some reviews of the Fred again.. and Brian Eno album Secret Life:


  • Two autographed white label LPS for FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE are up for auction in aid of the BRIT Trust; one had the title The Eve of Disruption – maybe that was being considered as an alternative title? LP1 / LP2
  • Natalie Imbruglia was at one of Eno's EarthPercent presentations
  • Brian may be a speaker at Greenbelt again this year




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Forever VoicelessA new album by Fred again.. and Brian Eno will be released on 5th May. Secret Life appears to be an ambient counterpart to Fred's Actual Life album series, with sessions recorded over a period stretching from 4th April 2020 to 23rd December 2022. Fred played some tracks in a Rinse FM show in May 2021, explaining: "I went there [Eno's Norfolk home] just to sort of heal, and we made these, like, slow incarnations of these pieces." Secret Life may refer to the longshadow grief and famished loss that billow along while you were trying to make other plans. An associated website,, has been streaming spacey variant mixes of some tracks at 10pm BST each night. The album will be released on Four Tet's Text label on CD and vinyl.


FOREVER VOICELESS was released in April digitally alongside its Record Store Day vinyl version. Seems you can only buy the voiceless tracks as part of a joint FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE/FOREVER VOICELESS album combo. What's that you say? Record companies wanting people to buy the same thing over and over in slightly different variants/formats? What a preposterous notion!


As one would expect, Brian contributed to EarthPercent's limited-availability album for Earth Day 2023. You can grab his track "Little Roof" or the whole album until 6th May. There are tracks featuring other artists who have fallen within Eno's ambit, including Peter Chilvers, Coldplay, and Damien Dempsey. All profits go to the EarthPercent charity.


Brian wrote a letter to his 21-year-old self for a project by Reverend and the Makers. He's also been talking at various events.




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Following its one-night-only cinematic premiere in UK cinemas last week, Tilo Krause's film Brian Eno & Roger Eno: Live at the Acropolis is being premiered on Deutsche Grammofon's Stage+ streaming platform on 10th and 11th March. Stage+ is a paid-for subscription service, but there is a free trial for people who sign up to the annual sub rather than the monthly one.


The Board of Directors of La Biennale di Venezia will award Brian the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Biennale Musica 2023 "for his research into the quality, beauty and diffusion of digital sound, and for his conception of the acoustic space as a compositional instrument". The ceremony will take place on 22nd October at 12 noon in the in the Sala delle Colonne at Ca’ Giustinian, and will be followed by a conversation between Brian and Tom Service.

The day before (21st October) the Biennale Musica will see the world premiere of Eno's new project Ships, performed by the Baltic Sea Philharmonic conducted by Kristjan Järvi. Presumably this is a development of The Ship, as Peter Serafinowicz, Leo Abrahams and Peter Chilvers are also involved, "interacting with the orchestral atmospheres diffused and processed for the theatre’s particular acoustic space". The venue will be Teatro La Fenice, Venice, and there are scheduled to be two concert performances at 3pm and at 8pm.

Finally, running from 22nd to 29th October in the Sale d’Armi of the Arsenale, Venice, Nothing Can Ever Be The Same is a 168-hour generative video art installation by Gary Hustwit and British digital artist Brendan Dawes – mixing Eno’s music, ideas, art, and other documentary material in some unfathomable melange. According to Hustwit's Instagram, this is not the same project as his forthcoming ENO documentary, and other iterations will be shown in various locations to be confirmed.


EarthPercent launched its new The Earth as Your Co-writer royalties scheme, and Brian also discussed the role of the Arts with Donna Grantis for The Great Northern's Climate Solutions Series on 27th January.


Brian spoke at a rally in his capacity as President of the Stop The War Coalition.


The East Village Eye archive has been put online, and here's Brian back in the past.


A reasonable haul.



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Forever VoicelessWhat people want is more albums with Brian singing! So for this year's Record Store Day (22nd April), Brian will be releasing FOREVER VOICELESS, an instrumental edition of the critically acclaimed 2022 album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE. Like the vocal album but with no voices or lyrics, it will be available on crystal clear vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day – and more widely on selected digital platforms.

Track listing:
A Thought
And Let It In
Who Are We
Crystal Light
Bells Above
Hardly Me
Small Noise


Live at the Acropolis, a film of Roger and Brian Eno's 2021 concert, will be shown in selected UK cinemas for one night only in 2nd March, with a new Atmos mix by Peter Chilvers.

VEering Northeasterly

Sonos channel The Lighthouse, which features 349-ish unreleased/variant Eno tracks, is now available on standard Sonos Radio worldwide for Sonos speaker owners (previously it was on the monthly-subscription-only Sonos Radio HD in selected countries).


Peter Gabriel is releasing songs from his forthcoming album i/o in a somewhat piecemeal manner, once a month when the moon is full. And some other Eno contributions surfaced since our last update.


Brian has given a few talks, written a few words, spoken in the previous century, and been spoken of in this one. He'll be talking at the Green Events and Innovations Conference on 28th February.


Other news sources



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